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2022 mock draft challenge: Your chance to be the Dallas Cowboys GM

You have the power. Who will you draft for the Cowboys in 2022?

Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys Set Number: X163816 TK1

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s hard to imagine the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft is just weeks away, kicking off on Thursday, April 28. Today, I’m going to challenge each one of you to put on your general manager hat and switch places with Jerry Jones. Now that you’re at the helm, how will you navigate the waters of the NFL draft for the Dallas Cowboys? Are you up to the challenge? Will you sink or swim? Let’s find out, shall we!?

First, the rules to abide by.

The Rules

  • For this Dallas Cowboys mock draft challenge we will use CBSSports Big Board so that everybody is on the same page as far as player rankings are concerned. Assume all draft-eligible prospects are currently slotted correctly as is.
  • You can trade-down only once, using‘s handy-dandy trade value chart. The value of any trade down scenario must be as close to equal to (within 5 points) or greater than the value you receive. For example, the Cowboys Pick 24 (740 points) could get you Cincinnati’s Pick’s 31, 95, and 174 (740.2 points)
  • You can trade up as much as you would like, but again, the trade must be as close to equal to (within 5 points) or greater than the value you receive.
  • The Dallas Cowboys currently hold the following picks: 24, 56, 88, 129, 155, 167, 176, 178, 193

Use the comment section below to post your mock drafts and any comments you have about this challenge. To make it more fun, try to add a little commentary as to why you personally made the selections.

My Dallas Cowboys mock draft submission

TRADE DOWN: Cowboys’ 24 (740 points) for Kansas City Chiefs 30 and 94 (744 points)

1.30 - IOL Zion Johnson, Boston College

Plug-and-play LG with the versatility to kick inside to center when/if needed.

2.56 - EDGE Sam Williams, Ole Miss

Rotational DE/pass rush specialist and eventual starter opposite DeMarcus Lawrence.

3.88 - LB Quay Walker, Georgia

Uber athletic LB with sideline to sideline speed to pair with Micah Parsons.

3.94 - CB Tariq Woolen, UTSA

Tall, athletic, lengthy CB who could challenge for a starting job as a rookie.

TRADE UP: Cowboys’ 155 and 167 (50.8 points) for Indianapolis Colts 122 (50 points)

4.122 - TE Cade Otton, Washington

Blake Jarwin’s immediate replacement and Dalton Schultz’ eventual one in Year 2.

4.129 - WR Alec Pierce, Cincinnati

Outside or big slot WR with natural deep speed to provide much-needed depth.

5.176 - RB James Cook, Georgia

Change of pace RB and Tony Pollard’s eventual replacement next year.

5.178 - WR Kyle Phillips, UCLA

Shifty slot WR with special teams value as a punt returner.

6.193 - DT John Ridgeway, Arkansas

Big-bodied, space eating DT to upgrade the interior of the Cowboys defensive line.

Your turn to prove your GM skills. Who are you drafting for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2022 NFL Draft?

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