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2022 NFL trade rumors: It doesn’t sound like the Cowboys are in on the Deebo Samuel situation

We knew they wouldn’t be trading for Deebo Samuel.

NFL: JAN 30 NFC Conference Championship - 49ers at Rams Photo by Icon Sportswire

Earlier this week San Francisco 49ers wide receiver (and sort of running back) Deebo Samuel requested a trade. Given that Samuel is such an electrifying player this grabbed the attention of just about every other fan base in the league (not that 49ers fans aren’t paying attention, it’s just of a different variety). For Dallas Cowboys fans, Deebo ‘liked’ a tweet that suggested he would look good wearing a Cowboys helmet. He has since un-liked the tweet, but screenshots live forever.

Dallas Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Friday and was asked about this and, well, he didn’t say much.

It doesn’t sound like the Dallas Cowboys are in on the Deebo Samuel situation

Time will tell whether or not Samuel is even traded at all this offseason or at any point in the future, but it doesn’t seem like the Cowboys are going to be serious partners to consider for the hypothetical.

It never really made sense for Dallas given that in order to acquire Samuel they would have to give up resources and pay him a big-time contract. Stephen Jones didn’t cite those reasons exactly during his appearance on 105.3, but if you read between the lines it is pretty obvious that the Cowboys are out here.

This is Stephen’s way of saying a lot without really saying anything. He noted ‘things have to fit in and work’ and the reality with Samuel is that they just don’t when it comes to the Cowboys. He is a very special player but a team that traded away Amari Cooper largely because of the salary he was set to command was never a realistic option for acquiring another big-time receiver just to be in a similar sort of situation and be out some premium draft capital.

It is difficult to fault the front office for not being in on this particular path, but the offseason so far has soured some of the fan base. This week’s SB Nation Reacts results noted that only 20% of fans feel confident in the direction of the team.

Everything about this offseason for the Cowboys has been focused on nailing the 2022 NFL Draft. No pressure or anything!

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