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DeMarcus Ware talks 2022 NFL Draft, says Von Miller asked him about Dallas Cowboys during free agency

DeMarcus Ware has spoken.

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Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

When we talk about the greatest drafts in Dallas Cowboys history over the course of this century the one at the very top is arguably 2005. Landing players like Marcus Spears, Marion Barber, Chris Canty, and Jay Ratliff all in one haul is pretty impressive. Of course. the group was headlined by DeMarcus Ware, which is what puts it so high in contention for the top overall given that he will one day have a bust in Canton, Ohio.

We have been fortunate here at Blogging The Boys to be able to sit down with Ware on occasion to discuss a variety of things over the years. Sleep Number helped make that possible again in the lead up to the 2022 NFL Draft as we sat down with Ware on Tuesday to discuss the draft, the overall Dallas Cowboys offseason, and what he remembers himself about being drafted. You can watch the interview below:

Ware made some headlines this offseason when he shared a video openly pondering what Von Miller (then a free agent) could look like on the Cowboys defense. Miller wound up signing with the Buffalo Bills, but Ware notes that Miller did hit him up and told him to call Jerry Jones. Miller wound up in Buffalo and not Dallas, so clearly things did not ultimately materialize in the way that they seemed they could in that moment.

When asked about where the Cowboys should look to spend their first-round pick on Thursday night Ware said the offensive line seemed like a good place to start. Let’s hope he’s right.

A big thank you again to Sleep Number for making the interview with DeMarcus Ware possible.

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