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Cowboys’ pick at 24 could be highly sought after, multiple teams might be interested in trading up

Dallas could find themselves in a sweet spot at No. 24 the first round.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys Set Number: X163816 TK1

With the 24th overall pick in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select…

Okay, so we don’t know who the Cowboys will select right now with pick No. 24. We don’t even know if that’s where they will end up selecting when all is said and done. There is a very real possibility we could see them trade up for a player they truly covet, however, the more likely scenario is they trade down to pick up extra draft capital.

As luck would have it, the teams currently slotted to select behind the Cowboys have the same roster needs for the most part. Buffalo, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Cincinnati could all be targeting wide receivers or cornerbacks in the first round. And, if you toss in the quarterback needy ones, there are suddenly a plethora of teams who could be vying for the same players, putting Dallas’ pick 24 right in the crosshairs.

Buffalo Bills

When it comes to the Buffalo Bills, both wide receiver and cornerback look to be the positions they could be targeting in the first round. That’s bad news for the teams slotted to select behind them, because Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Cincinnati all have similar roster needs at one or both positions. Luckily for the Cowboys, neither is a position they can’t afford to trade away from if the right offer is made.

Sitting one pick ahead of the Buffalo Bills at No. 24, the Cowboys could be the ideal trade partner for the teams wanting to trade up ahead of Buffalo in order to draft their desired first-round target. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the Cowboys had multiple trade offers on the table from teams trying to jump the Bills for either a wide receiver or cornerback.

Tennessee Titans

As far as the QB needy teams are concerned, the Tennessee Titans could be the ultimate wildcard in the latter part of the first round. Tennessee attended the pro days of every top QB prospect and brought a few of them in for private 30 pre-draft visits. Should Tennessee have interest in drafting a QB, and if other teams view the Titans as a threat to take a signal-caller at 26, they may have to execute a slight trade up in order to land their desired target.

For the QB needy teams like the Detroit Lions or Seattle Seahawks, who are slotted to select behind the Tennessee Titans at No. 26, they’d have to trade up in front of them to draft their desired future signal-caller. Sitting ahead of the Titans at No. 24, the Cowboys could be holding all the cards if/when Detroit or Seattle picks up the phone.

With all that in mind, we may want to start preparing ourselves for what could turn out to be either a really interesting first round for the Cowboys or a really frustrating one. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility it could end up being both. After all, we are talking about Jerry Jones here and you can never rule anything out when he’s involved.

In the end though, it’s going to be really interesting to see what the Cowboys do with pick No. 24 and how much it may, or may not be, sought after by teams who might be interested in trading up.

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