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Cowboys 2022 Draft: Jerry Jones says Tyler Smith was higher on Dallas board than Green and Johnson

Do you believe him?

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In the most unbelievable coincidence of all time every single team in the National Football League got exactly what they wanted throughout the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Thursday night feels prosperous for every team as mentioned, after all, only time will be able to tell us who is truly right and who is truly wrong. The Dallas Cowboys, of course, feel as if they are the former and that rookie offensive lineman Tyler Smith is going to be exactly what other first-round linemen have been for them in the past.

The selection of Smith was met with some, we’ll call it disagreement, throughout the confines of Cowboys Nation. While the offensive line is in sore need of some reinforcements many had their sights set on Kenyon Green (who went to the Houston Texans) and Zion Johnson (the Los Angeles Chargers) but they were both unavailable to the Cowboys when they were on the clock.

What if they had been available, though? If we play out the hypothetical then it is difficult to imagine Dallas passing on either one of them in favor of Tyler Smith, right? Not according to Jerry Jones.

Now to be fair it is possible that the Cowboys valued Smith more than Green and Johnson. Most draft analysts preferred the latter two as guard prospects, but the Cowboys could feel a different way.

What makes the most sense is that Dallas is excited about their pick and doing what they can to reinforce that feeling now that it is reality. That’s totally fine and all a part of the game.

Do you believe them, though?

We broke down what the selection of Tyler Smith means for the Dallas Cowboys on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel:

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