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Bruce Arians is joining the Buccaneers Ring of Honor and Jimmy Johnson is still absent from Cowboys’

The Cowboys organization needs to do the right thing here.

Hublot Unveils Big Bang Dallas Cowboys Timepieces With Dallas Cowboys Legend Darren Woodson Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Hublot

The latest ‘this offseason is the craziest one of all time!’ story came when Bruce Arians announced that he was retiring as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Todd Bowles set to take over immediately. The Dallas Cowboys host the Buccaneers this season so they will see the new-look Bucs right away in 2022.

Something else that will happen right away in 2022 is the Bucs organization honoring Bruce Arians. Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl under Arians’ leadership during the 2020 season, having Tom Brady at quarterback certainly didn’t hurt, and he is one of two coaches who has led the franchise to a world championship.

All told Arians spent just three seasons in Tampa Bay which is why when the team announced that they would be putting him into their Ring of Honor it caught a few people by surprise. Winning a Super Bowl is winning a Super Bowl, but three years is hardly a time of serious service.

This does not seem to matter to the Buccaneers as they are not only putting Arians in their Ring of Honor, but as noted, they are doing it as soon as possible by honoring him this coming season.

It only makes the Dallas Cowboys excluding Jimmy Johnson look even worse.

We are way past time for the Dallas Cowboys to put Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor

Last summer saw Jimmy Johnson enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. With all due respect to the organization that we all love and support, that is a far more prestigious honor than going into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. It is absurd that Johnson would have a gold jacket without his name hanging along the interior of AT&T Stadium. Yet here we are.

In the lead-up to HOF festivities last summer, Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson could be seen exchanging pleasantries and even did some television together on FOX’s pregame show ahead of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game. Jerry said then that Johnson would be put into the Ring of Honor, but declined to add any sort of timetable as to the exact ‘when’ it would occur. Listen for yourself.

That was back in August. Here we sit, an entire season having been played and free agency’s big moments all behind us, and there has still been absolutely no mention of when Johnson’s inclusion in the Ring of Honor will take place. Who knows if it will even happen this coming season.

It has been way past time for Johnson to be inducted into the ROH for decades now. We are now at a point where different things happen, like Tampa Bay inducting Bruce Arians into theirs, that only highlight how embarrassingly long it has been for Jerry to not get it done already.

All of the talk in the lead-up to the Hall of Fame last year was that Jerry did not want to take away from Johnson’s moment as it pertained to those festivities. That would be fine and easy to believe if Jerry hadn’t already kept Johnson out of the Ring of Honor for all of this time. There is no logic or justifiable reason for this to be the case anymore.

We could sit here and list Johnson’s accomplishments and accolades to prove why he belongs in the Ring of Honor, but who hasn’t done this already? Multiple generations are now aware of how long the Cowboys have kept him out. When will that change if ever?

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