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State of the NFC East: The New York Giants are in a prime position to trade down in the draft

A lock around the NFC East to see what other teams are doing.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Before this week the NFC East had seven total selections in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders each had one, the New York Giants had two, and the Philadelphia Eagles had three.

The Eagles executed a trade with the New Orleans Saints on Monday that whittled selections in the first round down to two (the trade might have an impact on the Cowboys in the future by the way). As a result, Philly now has multiple first-rounders next year in addition to this one which is a bit annoying if we are being honest.

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While the Eagles made a trade now, our attention may need to shift elsewhere when the draft ultimately arrives.

The New York Giants are in a prime position to trade down in the 2022 NFL Draft

Part of what can turn an NFL draft upside down is the quarterbacks involved in the class. There is nothing more valuable in the game of professional football than a franchise quarterback and obviously the draft is where they are usually found.

What makes this year’s draft a bit unique and reminiscent of 2013 is that there aren’t any real notable quarterbacks in the class. With no disrespect intended towards Malik Willis or Kenny Pickett, they are not exactly viewed as players that are going to totally change a franchise; however, all it takes is just one to believe that it can happen for things to get wild.

Adding to the intrigue is that there aren’t a ton of quarterback-needy teams at the top of the draft. If a quarterback is taken in the top five it seems as if it will happen because a team trades into that range.

Top 10 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Houston Texans
  4. New York Jets
  5. New York Giants
  6. Carolina Panthers
  7. New York Giants (by way of Chicago)
  8. Atlanta Falcons
  9. Seattle Seahawks (by way of Denver)
  10. New York Jets (by way of Seattle)

The most quarterback-needy team at the moment may actually be sitting right outside of the top five in the Carolina Panthers. Matt Rhule’s team has struck out on just about every swing they have taken at the position since he took over and only have being financially tied to Sam Darnold this year to really show for their work. Needless to say they sort of need one of the draft’s top quarterbacks and need one badly.

It is for this reason that the New York Giants are in a prime position sitting at number five overall. If there is a team wanting to beat Carolina to the punch they could trade up with the G-Men and New York can pick up legitimate draft capital in the process while ‘still’ being able to pick after moving out since they hold the seventh overall pick.

Many believe that the New Orleans Saints are interested in trading up and acquired the 16th and 19th overall picks from the Eagles in order to have the resources to do so. It sure would be something if they used some of the capital that they gained from the Eagles in a way that would wind up in the hands of the Giants.

Again, what makes the Giants a particularly interesting threat to the Panthers is that they sandwich them in the draft order. New York does not have a reason to worry if they trade out of the five spot seeing as how they will be able to pick shortly after. If they can, like Philadelphia, add more or future first-round picks while in the rebuild that they are currently in that that would be pretty solid maneuvering.

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