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Bobby Wagner on Dallas Cowboys interest: ‘That was a real thing. We had conversations.’

Dallas was very much in on Bobby Wagner according to the linebacker.

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We are almost a full week into the month of April which means that The Masters is happening. Obviously that is what matters the most. Getting back to football though, the springtime is all the way here and so far the Dallas Cowboys only have two external free agents that they have added to their team. Granted the Cowboys have a team that went 12-5 and won the NFC East last year, but they lost some of the players that were very important throughout the campaign which is why many have wanted to see Dallas bring in more top players.

James Washington and Dante Fowler are the only people who need to get acquainted with life in Texas. One player that many Cowboys fans wanted to see join them, linebacker Bobby Wagner, wound up with the Los Angeles Rams.

According to the Wagner on the Cowboys interest, things were definitely real.

Bobby Wagner says that things were very real between him and the Dallas Cowboys

One of the reasons that many people thought Wagner would wind up in Dallas has to do with the team’s current, and his former, defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn. That seemingly played a factor in Dante Fowler winding up with the Cowboys.

Wagner mentioned Dan Quinn when discussing his conversations with the Cowboys and noted that those conversations were in fact very real.

Wagner also said he had a real flirtation with the Cowboys. “That was a real thing. We had conversations. I love [Cowboys defensive coordinator] Dan Quinn and have a lot of respect for him. But between their needs and what they were willing to spend, we couldn’t agree. But there was mutual interest,” he said.

“Between the Rams and Cowboys – those are teams that have been around for a long time and have a lot of history,” Wagner added. “Being able to be a part of any of those franchises boosts your notoriety. And I landed on one.”

Dallas’ needs and ‘what they were willing to spend’ are points that the team and the linebacker ultimately disagreed on. As far as needs are concerned, the Cowboys could use a player of Wagner’s caliber. But the ‘what they were willing to spend’ part was the real issue. The Cowboys do not believe in spending big money in free agency and certainly were not willing to get anywhere near the deal that the Los Angeles Rams gave him.

The Cowboys have brought back both Leighton Vander Esch and Luke Gifford so far this offseason, so they have addressed the linebacker spot. But they are definitely not done addressing the position this offseason. Obviously Wagner would have been an ideal piece to add to that group.


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