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The Dallas Cowboys will visit the Green Bay Packers in Week 10 on FOX, Mike McCarthy’s return

Get your popcorn ready.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The entire 2022 NFL schedule will drop on Thursday evening, but between now and then there will in all likelihood be a few schedule leaks as there are every year.

What makes this year interesting is the league is seemingly getting out ahead of that and leaking a few games every day along the way. On Monday ESPN announced two games that are happening on Monday Night Football while Tuesday allowed CBS to take their turn to announce a game.

The Dallas Cowboys will visit the Green Bay Packers in Week 10

As far as international games are concerned one of the host teams this year (they will host their game in London at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) is the Green Bay Packers. Given that Dallas visits Green Bay many wondered if this would be the game that the league would send over.

While that may have upset some traditionalists who want to see that game at Lambeau Field from a competitive standpoint, it may have been interesting to see Dallas neutralize that so to speak by playing the game overseas. That will not be the case as the Packers will play a different NFC East team there in the New York Giants, but we now know when they will host the Cowboys.

It was announced on Wednesday morning that the Dallas Cowboys will visit the Green Bay Packers on November 13th. That is Week 10 and will officially mark Mike McCarthy’s return to the team that fired him almost four years ago.

McCarthy’s last victory as the Packers head coach came on November 11th so this will serve as almost the exact four-year anniversary of it. That game also took place at Lambeau Field, against the Miami Dolphins, and it was one day after McCarthy’s birthday which is November 10th. Needless to say this game has a lot of emotion of all kinds.

Obviously the Cowboys and Packers have a longstanding history and rivalry with one another. Incidentally Dallas has only won twice at the historic Lambeau Field and both instances took place within the last decade and a half. It was Tony Romo who authored the first Cowboys win there in 2008 and a rookie named Dak Prescott who did it in the team’s last regular-season visit to the venue.

According to ESPN’s Todd Archer this game almost did take place in London. That would have robbed us all of quite the site at one of football’s most beautiful stadiums.

Mark your calendars. This one will be epic.

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