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Looking at the Dallas Cowboys schedule by projected win total over/under for each opponent

The way oddsmakers view Cowboys opponents suggests the schedule might not be too intimidating.

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

This week the National Football League released the schedule for all of the 2022 season and we now know the path that the Dallas Cowboys will have to take if they want to accomplish something significant this year. We have known for some time who the Cowboys are playing, but the when of it all does matter, especially when it comes to things like rest and how some teams are getting more opportunities at it than others.

While an NFL season is generally unpredictable with contenders rising that nobody expects in mid-May, an early glance at Dallas’ schedule notes that they finish up with would-be contenders (relatively speaking) by mid-November. That is not a bad thing considering the battle of attrition that an NFL season so often boils down to.

Looking at the Dallas Cowboys schedule by projected over/under win totals for each opponent

It is one thing to sit here and go through the schedule game by game saying that we think the Cowboys will win this one or that one. We all have a feel of sorts for how each team is likely to fare but again there are surprises just about on an annual basis in this league.

Some of the people who most know what they are doing are the oddsmakers in Las Vegas. Our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook have projected over/under win totals for each team and looking at the Dallas Cowboys schedule through that lens does support the idea that everything after what used to be daylight savings time coming to an end is far less intimidating than everything before it.

Dallas Cowboys Schedule by Opponent’s Projected Win Total Over/Under

Week Opponent Projected Win Total Over/Under
Week Opponent Projected Win Total Over/Under
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11.5
2 Cincinnati Bengals 10
3 at New York Giants 7
4 Washington Commanders 8
5 at Los Angeles Rams 10.5
6 at Philadelphia Eagles 9.5
7 Detroit Lions 6.5
8 Chicago Bears 6.5
10 at Green Bay Packers 11
11 at Minnesota Vikings 9
12 New York Giants 7
13 Indianapolis Colts 9.5
14 Houston Texans 4.5
15 at Jacksonville Jaguars 6
16 Philadelphia Eagles 9.5
17 at Tennessee Titans 9
18 at Washington Commanders 8

The Cowboys will face four teams with a win total over/under that is in the double digits as of mid-May. They will be done with those four teams after their game against the Green Bay Packers is over on November 13th.

As far as ‘tough’ opponents are concerned Dallas looks to be most tested after that point by the Minnesota Vikings (which takes place the very next week) and then against both the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles, both of which are games at home for what it’s worth.

It certainly helps Dallas’ case that their entire slate against the AFC South doesn’t even begin until the month of December. Again, anything can happen and teams who look to be less intimidating now can turn out to be legitimate forces, but right now it appears as if the going gets tough for Dallas early on and then slows down as the season winds on.

That is definitely not a bad thing.

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