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Filed under: list of 10 most impactful trades this offseason has tons of ramifications for Dallas Cowboys

Action around the league this offseason has been significant.

NFL: Washington Commanders-Carson Wentz Press Conference John McCreary-USA TODAY Sports

There are many who believe that the Dallas Cowboys have had a rather dull offseason in terms of activity. It isn’t like the franchise has made any super splashy moves is the point.

Obviously all of that depends on your definition of “splashy” but consensus would seemingly agree that all of the fun in that department has been had by other NFL teams this offseason. We have seen a wide variety of action all over the place with what has felt like big trade after big trade after big trade.

Recently put together a list of the 10 most impactful trades that have taken place this offseason and as fate would have it, the Dallas Cowboys have been impacted by them in a number of different ways. list of 10 most impactful trades this offseason has tons of ramifications for Dallas Cowboys

The thing about trades is that generally speaking one team gets significantly better while one becomes a little worse off. It is very difficult to find a trade in NFL history where both teams involved have been made completely better by it.

In order here are the top 10 “most impactful” trades as defined by

  1. Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns
  2. Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos
  3. Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins
  4. Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers
  5. Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders
  6. Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts
  7. A.J. Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles
  8. Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders
  9. Marquise Brown to the Arizona Cardinals
  10. Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns

The most obvious one that impacts the Cowboys is Amari Cooper given that it was the Cowboys themselves who shipped him away to the Cleveland Browns.

Beyond the fact that Dallas will be without Cooper is that the Washington Commanders happen to play the Browns this season. Cooper was rather successful against Washington during his time with the Cowboys and any loss by an NFC East rival is preferred so maybe he can aid in that regard.

This brings us to how this overall list impacts the Cowboys. They have five games impacted by these trades (not counting all of theirs by way of Cooper) with Matt Ryan joining the Colts, A.J. Brown joining the Eagles, and Carson Wentz joining the Commanders. But as mentioned their rivals will all have many games impacted by these as well considering Washington playing Cleveland (with Deshaun Watson also in the fold there), Washington having Wentz at quarterback, Philadelphia having A.J. Brown on their team and having to play against Marquise Brown’s Cardinals, and the whole NFC East itself playing the AFC South which includes the Matt Ryan-led Colts and A.J. Brown-less Tennessee Titans.

Truth be told the state of things for Dallas and the division would have been “impacted” much more if the NFC East had been playing the AFC West this year but thankfully that happened a year ago. Action has been all over the place across the NFL over the last few months and we will see the ripple effects of it throughout the Cowboys schedule and within their divisional standings all season long.

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