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Dallas Cowboys rookie tight end Jake Ferguson is aware of the history associated with number 48

A nod to Moose Johnston.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have a long and rich history. Many great players have come through this franchise and have done so at different positions. Some of the greatest skill position players, defenders, and bodies in the trenches have all worn the star at one point in time or another.

There are of course a few less-glamorous positions in the game of football, and one of them is actually a little bit non-existent these days - the fullback. Plenty of Cowboys fans immediately think of Daryl “Moose” Johnston when they think of the fullback position and all of the holes that he helped create for the NFL’s all-time leading rusher in Emmitt Smith.

It appears that one of the newest members of the Cowboys is very aware of Moose and wants to live up to his legacy of sorts.

Dallas Cowboys rookie tight end Jake Ferguson is aware of the history associated with number 48

When it comes to history in the game of football one of the Dallas Cowboys draft picks certainly knows a lot of it at the collegiate level.

Dallas selected tight end Jake Ferguson out of Wisconsin in the fourth round of this year’s draft and if you are unaware Ferguson’s grandfather is former Wisconsin football head coach Barry Alvarez.

Not to dismiss any of the great things associated with the Badgers, but these days it seems that Ferguson is more focused on the history of his new team, the Dallas Cowboys. When jersey numbers were handed out to this year’s rookie class many noted that Ferguson was wearing a less-traditional number, 48, for a tight end (as far as modern history is concerned), but during an interview with the mothership he noted that he is very aware of how it belonged to Moose.

“Moose and (No.) 48,” Ferguson said with reverence. “Some guys are like, ‘Oh, he’s (wearing) 48.’ I’m like, ‘You guys don’t know who wore 48.’”

Ferguson also said that he looks up to the likes of Dalton Schultz and Jason Witten, effectively the last two starting tight ends that the Cowboys have had (no disrespect intended towards Blake Jarwin).

Obviously there is a long road to go for Ferguson to make his own bit of history with the Cowboys but it is cool to see that he plans on honoring the past as he tries to do so.

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