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The internet thinks it has deciphered the Dallas Cowboys draft sheet that Jerry Jones showed off

Showing off important information may not have been wise.

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It is not exactly uncommon news for Dallas Cowboys draft information to become available after an NFL Draft is over. This is Blogging The Boys, after all.

While BTB has in fact successfully deciphered Dallas Cowboys draft boards of the past those have only happened because of random bits and pieces making their way to the internet. Last Thursday night when the team was discussing drafting Tyler Smith in the first round Jerry Jones made an effort to take some work off of people’s shoulders and literally showed off what he said was the team’s rankings of players.

Jerry did this in an effort to prove to people that Tyler Smith was ranked ahead of both Kenyon Green and Zion Johnson on their board. While he did in fact flash a sheet of paper at the camera even a few days later it had yet to be totally uncovered given that the he was somewhat far away from the camera.

But the internet is undefeated.

The internet thinks it has deciphered the Dallas Cowboys draft sheet that Jerry Jones showed off

Again, Jerry Jones literally showed off what appeared to be the Dallas Cowboys rankings to a camera in a press conference. Some stories are so wild that they simply cannot be written.

While it took a few days various members of Cowboys Twitter do feel like they have found the map to El Dorado so to speak. It should come as no surprise that BTB’s OCC was involved in the investigation.

What may be the Dallas Cowboys rankings for the 2022 NFL Draft.
One Cool Customer on Twitter

Assuming this is in fact how the Cowboys viewed the top 16 players in the draft then they were not lying. Tyler Smith appears before either Kenyon Green and/or Zion Johnson.

But there are two sides to every story. After the draft was over Stephen Jones said that the Cowboys purely operated off of a ‘best player available’ strategy and in no way drafted for need, but if that were the case then they would have taken Georgia safety Lewis Cine at 24 overall given that he was the best available player on their board (again, assuming all of this breakdown is accurate).

Of course Stephen Jones is just saying what every normal front office figure says after a draft. All teams are going to say that they got the guys that they wanted to and that the picks lined up with a best player available strategy. You can’t exactly fault him for that.

But here we are again with some more Dallas Cowboys draft intel being uncovered. Some things never change.

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