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The Dallas Cowboys will not be playing any international games this season

Staying local.

NFL Media Day Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Next Thursday will bring the 2022 NFL schedule which is always an exciting time. We obviously know who the Dallas Cowboys are going to be playing already, but seeing exactly when each game is going to happen is fun.

You can learn a lot about the schedule in terms of where advantages and potential pitfalls are. Obviously long road trips are not ideal and exactly when and where Dallas is playing the week before and after Thanksgiving is generally important. Needless to say we are all anxious to see the sequence of games when they are released next week.

The NFL is a content-producing machine though. and in the spirit of that has continually found ways to make the most out of different events over the course of their year. On Wednesday the league revealed which games were going to be played outside of the United States specifically.

The Dallas Cowboys will not be playing any international games this season.

This season will see the Cowboys ‘visit’ the Jacksonville Jaguars for the first time since 2014. You will recall though that that game actually took place in London and not Duval County.

With the Cowboys ‘visiting’ the Jaguars again this season many thought/speculated that Dallas would in fact head across the pond for that game again. Ultimately Dallas will be staying domestic for all 17 of their games as they were not selected for any international games this season.

The home teams for these games had previously been announced and as a result the only possible scenarios for Dallas to play internationally were their road games against the Jaguars and Green Bay Packers. The latter specifically seemed unlikely given that these games were initially billed as AFC-NFC propositions, but obviously that is something that the NFL is saving for future years in looking at the games that were picked.

It is the Denver Broncos who will face the Jaguars in London which means that the Cowboys will not. As a result Dallas will play the Jaguars in Jacksonville for the first time since 2006. Some of you may remember that was actually the first game of that season and marked Terrell Owens’ debut with the team.

This marks eight straight years that the Cowboys were not chosen for an international game so you would have to assume that they are coming up due. Perhaps they will head abroad in 2023.

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