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One week later and most Dallas Cowboys fans give the team’s draft class an average sort of grade

The people have spoken.

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft Photo by Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This time last week the Dallas Cowboys were hard at work in the name of putting together the best possible 2022 Draft class that they could. Ultimately time that will tell how right they were more than anything else, but guesses can be made in the here and now.

We are talking about grades. This past week has been full of letters and numbers from people trying to assign some sort of performance to how the Cowboys managed to fare throughout the draft.

As noted time will be the most accurate assessment of this group, but how are Dallas Cowboys fans as a whole feeling in the here and now? SB Nation Reacts polled Cowboys fans and the largest voting group gave the class a B grade with C having the second-most votes.

Consensus draft analysts seem to agree that the Cowboys ‘reached’ on their first two picks, something that has been said a lot over the last week. Ultimately the team proved through the leaking of their own draft board (can you call it leaking when it was literally them who did it?) that they took the second-highest player available to them when they picked in the first round so logic would suggest that they followed a similar line of thought throughout the draft by marrying best available talent with positional need. That’s all totally fine.

Time has definitely allowed some Cowboys fans to come around a little bit on these picks. Here’s hoping that even more time allows them to show why the team believed in them in the first place.

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