JJ Curse …

Truly I am a rational sports fan. I don’t believe in sitting in the same place or wearing the same jersey. I don’t believe praying for a team to win a game. I don’t believe in jinxes regarding saying we are going to win. But what I do believe in is what comes around goes around. And I believe that sometimes there is justice. And I believe that having a big ego and not recognizing your own shortcomings is a fatal flaw.

That being said. I can almost guarantee that the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl as long as Jimmy Johnson isn’t in the ring of honor at Cowboys stadium. It’s time for Jerry to check his ego and give due the credit that is rightfully anyones but his own. He made two good decisions in his life as far as I can tell - but the Cowboys and hire Jimmy. What’s followed the last 25 years is worthy of a Greek tragedy or a Shakespearean tragedy. His ego has kept the Cowboys from doing the thing *he thinks he wants most - a title. But in reality what he wants most is confirmation that he can engineer a super bowl without Jimmy. And the truth is he can’t. He can’t engineer a title without a real football man calling the shots. The sign will come down from heaven above that he is ready to put the team before himself when he is willing to put Jimmy’s name in its rightful spot among the Cowboy greats. Then and only then will he be ready to put the team first and step aside and allow someone with actual acumen to come in and run the show.

It’s sad that he is holding us all hostage playing this game but f translucent charades. We know and can all see this is about his ego and trying desperately to prove to himself that he has what it takes to GM a team to a title. But alas he doesn’t. Hopefully Stephen will not be as foolish as his father. Or maybe before Jerry exits the land of living he will realize how much of a child he looks like by not giving Jimmy his do. The real architect of the Cowboy dynasty in the early 90’s.

I’d ask Jerry to do us all a favor but I know he’s too selfish to think of anyone but himself - so I will phrase it a different way - Jerry - do yourself a favor and put Jimmy in and end the JJ curse.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.