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Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor member Don Perkins dies at 84

Perkins was arguably the first great running back in the history of the Cowboys franchise

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Legendary Dallas Cowboys running back Don Perkins died at age 84, according to a team announcement on Thursday night.

The mothership announced the news and highlighted Perkins’ accolades during his historic career in Dallas. Perkins joined the Cowboys in 1961, just a year after the team joined the NFL, and played seven tremendous seasons with them before moving on. He was inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor in 1976.

So many people love the Dallas Cowboys because of the greatness that surrounded the team from the very beginning. Perkins was a very big part of that and was arguably the first great running back in the history of a franchise that has boasted quite a few over 60 years now.

Tragically, the Cowboys have received far too much of this kind of news as of late. As the mothership noted, many franchise icons have passed away recently.

Unfortunately, Perkins’ death is yet another blow to the Cowboys’ family. He’s the second Ring of Honor member to pass away recently, along with Rayfield Wright. Back in January, the Cowboys lost former players Dan Reeves and Ralph Neely. Marion Barber passed away last week and the Cowboys have lost former running backs coach Gary Brown, as well as former scouting director Larry Lacewell. Jerry Jones’ personal assistant Marylyn Love died this past spring.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Perkins’ family and friends.

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