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Dak Prescott’s mobility expected to be utilized more by the Cowboys in 2022

Will Dak Prescott be more of a pocket passer or dual threat QB in 2022?

Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

All systems go. After being held in check a bit last season, the Dallas Cowboys are expected to give Dak Prescott the green light to take advantage of his dual threat ability in 2022.

As Jon Machota states, more opportunity should be coming for No. 4 to use his legs outside the pocket and as a runner this year than he did a season ago. That’s great news for both the Dallas Cowboys offense and for Dak Prescott as well.

Mobility has been a huge part of Dak’s game since taking over as the Cowboys starting QB, and even before that. Getting back that aspect of his game should not only make his job easier, but also make the Cowboys offense more explosive as well.

With the exception of his injury shortened season in 2020 and last year, Dak has averaged close to 300 rushing yards a year. It may not seem much compared to other dual threat QBs around the league, but it does in regards to making things more difficult for opposing defenses.

No longer will No. 4 be as easily targeted by the oppositions pass rush. It’s much easier to get from point A to point B when you have an immobile target, but things become much more difficult when that target isn’t nearly as stationary.

With Prescott’s mobility expected to be much more part of the game plan in 2022, opposing defensive coordinators are going to have to account for him getting outside the pocket has both a passer and a runner then they did last season. That makes their job a little more difficult and that’s good news for the Cowboys.

It remains to be seen just how much Dak Prescott’s mobility will factor into the play-calling in 2022, but one thing’s for sure, it does indicate he’s healthy and ready to go. While it’s good to hear he’s been given the green light to utilize his legs more this year, it’s even better news to know he’s healthy because the Cowboys season will go as he goes.

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