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There is hope yet again for the Dallas Cowboys to wear their white throwback helmets in 2022

We could potentially see the Cowboys throwbacks as early as this season.

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A year ago it was announced that rule changes in the NFL were allowing for teams to wear alternate helmets which obviously allows for different uniforms to be worn.

Some teams throughout the league happen to use the same base helmet for alternate or throwback uniforms. Consider the throwback uniforms of the Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers, they both utilize the same “base” of their normal helmet, just with the normal decal removed which is why they have still worn them since the league instituted the one-helmet rule.

This has not been the case for the Dallas Cowboys though as their throwback/alternate uniforms involve a non-silver helmet. As a result we have not seen the team wear anything other than their traditional home and away uniforms (with color rush added in 2015) since 2012.

There is the potential for that to change this season.

There is hope yet again for the Dallas Cowboys to wear their white throwback helmets in 2022

A few different teams in the NFL are in similar situations as the Dallas Cowboys, but with the league now allowing for alternate helmets to be worn in 2022 the potential now exists to actually see a few of them.

Recently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that they will be bringing back their famed “creamsicle” jerseys with their traditional white helmets starting in 2023. Similarly the Philadelphia Eagles announced that they will begin to incorporate their iconic kelly green ensemble beginning next season as well.

The Atlanta Falcons recently gave life to the idea that one of these alternatives can be explored as soon as this season. They announced on Wednesday night that they will be wearing their old-school red helmets when they face the San Francisco 49ers this season.

Time will tell if the Dallas Cowboys end up wearing their throwback uniform and helmet this season. If they do a likely time for them to do so would be Thanksgiving Day against the New York Giants.

Bring back the white helmets, please.

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