Do Historic Events Loom?

With Kelvin Joseph's admission that he was in the car in the early hours of March 18, 2022, as Cameron Ray was murdered, he has become the poster boy for the historic events I believe we are about to witness. He could not have put himself in a worse position.

Barry Sorrels, Joseph's attorney, released a statement back in March 2022 stating, Mr. Ray's death is a tragedy, and Kelvin extends his deepest condolences for the family's loss. On the night of March 17, 2022, Kelvin was unarmed, and was not looking for violence. He found himself in a situation that escalated without his knowledge or consent.

Unfortunately, Dallas police found video evidence that Joseph indeed was in a scuffle with Ray prior to the shooting. Turns out, yes, he may not have been looking for a fight, but he was in one...with a man that was murdered hours later. It is common for police to build a case to go after whomever gave the order. Those investigations take time. Joseph is not beyond being charged with Conspiracy to Murder in the near future.

Here’s the magnification of that situation…

The commissioner was recently appropriately lambasted by Congress over the lawless state of the NFL. A man who considers himself the enforcer. In his legal defense, Deshaun Watson's legal team is threatening to drag owners into the mud. Not just players, but coaches, front office personnel, and owners are all under the microscope. The NFL is wrought with scandal at all levels.

I now believe this could be the end of Goodell.

He has presided over a turbulent time in the NFL, and has failed badly over and over with player discipline. I think he resigns within a year, but before he goes, he's going to un-sully his name by making an example of Joseph. He's going to do it with Watson too, but he can't 'lifetime ban' Watson, because he has admitted no guilt. They have to await the outcome of Watson's civil suits for a lifetime ban. I don't believe they'll do that. The NFL is moving ahead with his suspension. He could get an 18 month ban, just to dig into his 2023 salary. I can imagine Watson's face if it goes 2 years, and he's losing real money.

Joseph is on the record with the police, and young Kelvin is not going to be with the team. It won't take years like Watson has. Joseph is primed to become the swift example for the whole league.

It cuts even deeper, because even though Dan Snyder has already been removed from the day-to-day operations of the Commanders, he's going to be under tremendous pressure to sell the team now. Other dominoes will fall as Grand Inquisitor Goodell takes out the trash on his way out. I don't think an illegitimate child is a particular problem for Jerry, but the Rich Dalrymple episode is certainly bad optics for the Cowboys.

The Pokes are going to lose Joseph. Some big names may be going down. This could get ugly.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.