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Seeing all four members of Club 88 together is past meeting present for the Dallas Cowboys

The number means a lot to Cowboys fans.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

There is a very strong argument that 88 is the most historic number in Dallas Cowboys history. Perhaps you feel like it is obvious that 88 carries the most weight, but there are some elite contenders in the mix as well. Number 22 belonged to both Bob Hayes and Emmitt Smith while number 94 belonged to Charles Haley and DeMarcus Ware. People also forget that number 70 belonged to Rayfield Wright and it is obviously currently donned by Zack Martin.

But all of those numbers have only really had two players wear it through supreme greatness. Number 88 has had twice as many if we factor CeeDee Lamb into the mix, and it has always been a little bit different in that the previous number-wearers have treated it like a fraternity of sorts.

On Wednesday a photo of all four iconic members together surfaced which is past meeting present in a very nostalgic and cool way.

There is obviously a lot of history throughout the Cowboys organization as a whole so seeing it in any way is great, but seeing it on display like this just hits a little bit different. Each of these 88s in (left to right) CeeDee Lamb, Drew Pearson, Dez Bryant, and Michael Irvin all played in different eras and generations and therefore have fans of different ages.

We are so close to football with training camp starting next week, but this was a great thing to see just before it all starts.

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