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The Dallas Cowboys will wear their throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving Day this season

This uniform returns for the first time since 2012.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We did it, everyone. We did it.

Seemingly left and right over the last few months different NFL teams have been announcing plans for alternate or throwback helmets and/or uniforms to be worn this season. For about the last decade the NFL’s rules didn’t allow for a secondary helmet to be worn which meant things like this weren’t possible, but anything is in this new world.

Obviously with alternate uniforms on the table many Dallas Cowboys fans established something that they wanted to see... the longtime Thanksgiving Day uniforms. The Cowboys of course used to wear their throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving Day which added to the holiday and all of its energy. To this point though the team had not made an announcement of any kind that this would be happening.

All of that changed on Thursday. They are in fact returning this year.

The current iteration of Cowboys has basically never worn this uniform/jersey/helmet seeing as the last time that it was donned was back in 2012. That Thanksgiving Day game was against Washington where this one will also be a divisional matchup, this time against the New York Giants.

It has finally happened. Welcome back, throwback jerseys!

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