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The NFL might have accidentally leaked that the Dallas Cowboys have two new helmet options for 2022

We might be seeing multiple new options this season.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Over the last few months different teams across the NFL have been announcing either an alternate or throwback helmet that they will be wearing at some point during the 2022 season. Since the league now no longer prohibits teams from wearing different helmets in a given season the door for this possibility swung open and we are seeing squads take advantage of it.

A few new helmets have popped up across different teams. For instance the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals will all debut a new black helmet to go along with their current team colors. Elsewhere the same idea is happening differently, take the Houston Texans introducing a red helmet.

As noted though a few teams are going with throwback helmets to pay homage to their franchise’s history. We are seeing this with the New York Giants, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and of course our Dallas Cowboys.

It was last week when Dallas announced that they would be bringing back their iconic throwback helmets that are a tip of the hat (no pun intended) to the teams of the 1960s. The Cowboys have generally worn this helmet along with their throwback uniform on Thanksgiving Day and will do so this year against the Giants (by the way New York will wear their throwbacks for their Monday night game against the Cowboys).

While some teams are going with new alternates and some teams are going with throwbacks word around the internet on Monday was surrounding the idea that the Cowboys are going with both. The popular fan account Cowboys Nation is run by a gentleman named Mike and he was among the first to point out that Dallas is actually shown twice in the NFL’s announcement graphic and has two different helmets shown.

In the graphic on the right is the throwback helmet that the Cowboys did in fact announce last week that we have seen many times before, but in the graphic on the left there is a new Dallas Cowboys helmet that has never been used by the franchise at any point.

The two do look somewhat similar so it is easy to not catch the details, but you can see that the helmet in the graphic on the left has a white facemask which is different, but notably has the classic white trim around the star which the throwback helmet does not have. Essentially this mystery helmet is like the current silver one with all of the silver properties in white.

Here are the two helmets from a zoomed-in perspective.

Only the Cowboys are shown in both of these graphics and again they are shown with two different helmets. While we know the throwback one will be worn with the throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving, when could the other be worn if this is in fact something that will actually be put into circulation?

Mike from Cowboys Nation speculated that Dallas could wear it as a helmet with the their color rush uniform. It does match that color scheme and sort of makes sense as the silver helmet with that outfit does look a bit out of place.

It would not be unlike the Cowboys to be an exception and be the only team to have both an alternate and a throwback uniform, but there was no public mention of the mystery helmet by the team or any note from the league in this announcement that there were in fact multiple Cowboys helmets being introduced for the 2022 season.

So was this just an accidental doubling up that had two different helmets pictured for no reason or is there another new Cowboys helmet that will be announced at a later point? What is going on?

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