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Stephen Jones directly addressed why the Cowboys have not emulated the Rams’ way of team-building

There are multiple ways to go about building a football team.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are in training camp and there is much disagreement and consternation about how we got to this point. The Dallas Cowboys chose to do (and not to do) several things over the last few months and it has felt like one of the more disagreement-filled offseasons in recent memory.

In the world of professional sports no decision is proven right or wrong until seasons play themselves out. Should the Cowboys do something special this season then they have every right to laugh in the face of their doubters. It goes without saying that if they falter where people have highlighted deficiencies that the detractors will take their own victory laps.

The Cowboys brain-trust is the group charged with answering for the organization’s moves and chief among them is Stephen Jones. The team’s EVP hit the radio airwaves of 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday and had an answer that some may find interesting.

Stephen Jones believes that despite a not flashy or sexy offseason that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be better in 2022

To be totally fair to Stephen Jones here, it is difficult to say the same thing over and over and over again in different ways. He has made many an appearance over the last few months and has at many different turns been tasked with hyping up a team carrying a quarter century’s worth of frustration.

That isn’t to let Stephen off the hook, though. He, along with the fellow members of this team’s front office, are in charge of building a team that can and should contend for world championships. That is literally their job.

At present time nobody is better at that particular job than the Los Angeles Rams. L.A. has been touted for how bold they have been in different trades and decisions involving free agency. Stephen Jones noted on Wednesday that he understands Cowboys fans viewing what the Rams did and wanting their team to emulate that, but that is simply not how they chose to go about business this offseason.

Stephen Jones spoke on 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday
Transcription by Mark Lane

Critics will accuse Jones of performing in an almost polar opposite fashion from the Rams, and on the surface it does sort of feel that way. L.A. has prioritized the acquisition (whether by trade or free agency) of proven veterans where the Cowboys have left their path of acquisition almost solely to the draft. A common misconception about the Rams is that they only use external team-building methods, but the reality is that they tend to hit on (relatively speaking) the picks that they do have to keep their roster afloat.

Nobody is saying that the Cowboys (or anyone for that matter) should completely shadow the way that the Rams operate and emulate them in totality; however, Stephen himself noted not only that this is a copycat league, but that the Rams achieved ultimate success with their methodology. If you don’t want to go all the way in on adopting the way that Les Snead and Sean McVay operate, why not embody just a bit of it?

As mentioned the Cowboys reserve the right to pound their chests if and when the team that they built in the manner that they wanted to build it in has high levels of success in 2022. Only time will tell who is right in this debate, but Stephen Jones is very confident that it is his side.

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