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Tyron Smith ranked as Dallas Cowboys best contract

It was universally revered when the Cowboys locked up Tyron Smith.

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NFL: Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As of late it seems like the Dallas Cowboys and the way they handle their contract situations have been under a bit of scrutiny. There have been multiple instances throughout the last few years where team brass has been a day late and a dollar short on some of the team’s rising stars. The team could have locked up QB Dak Prescott at least a year earlier than they did and it cost them money in the long run for waiting to do so. Ultimately the deal, much like most in the NFL once given time, looks to be a friendly one, but you cannot overlook how favorable it may have looked if they locked it in sooner.

Current day, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in another contract situation with starting TE Dalton Schultz. Schultz is coming off his best year as a pro and as a result he currently sits on the franchise tag and is awaiting a long-term contract that may, or may not, come to realization. Schultz sat out some voluntary workouts in a way of protest on just how poorly those contract negotiations between the team and his agent have been going.

All that being said, when it comes to the hulking left tackle Tyron Smith and his contract, it has widely been viewed from the day it was signed as a great deal for the team. The Cowboys hit it out of the park by locking up one of the leagues premier offensive tackles for a long, team-friendly deal. There have been some years, and many contracts in between then and now, but as we sit today, the deal is still very much so receiving praise as PFF ranks every NFC team’s best contract. This is what they had to say regarding the Tyron Smith deal:


When we look back at the 2010s decade of the NFL, this contract will land on the list for best values across the entire league. It’s hard to overstate just how much surplus value Smith has provided the Cowboys since signing his eight-year extension in 2014.

Smith has generated 1.92 PFF Wins Above Replacement since 2014 (fourth among tackles) while never receiving more than $11.08 million in cash in any season.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Tyron Smith is still in the upper echelon of NFL offensive tackles, and the Cowboys have surely received a hefty return on their investment when it comes to Smith. However, as of late, one of the most talked about things when discussing Smith is his availability. Injuries have been a concern for Smith, and as a result he has been forced to miss 20 games over the last two seasons. With the departure of La’el Collins, and not much for experience and depth behind himself and Terence Steele, Smith and his health will be an important storyline to watch.

The Cowboys need to hope for better luck when it comes to the injury front from Tyron Smith this year for them to have a successful season, but what you cannot discredit is how well the Cowboys put together his deal on their way to making him the best contact on the team.

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