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The biggest storyline that would need to happen for the 2022 Cowboys to win the Super Bowl

What would need to happen for our beloved Cowboys to be champion again?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Training camp is less than a month away for the Dallas Cowboys as the team prepares to get ready for another season with big expectations. We’ve been down this road before and even when the team plays well, they always seem to come up a little short, but what if this is the season where everything falls in place?

If you closed your eyes and envisioned this 2022 Cowboys team winning the Super Bowl, what do you think would have to happen? What would be the biggest storyline that offers the most significant impact on catapulting the Cowboys to the top?

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Recently, I posed this very question on Twitter and got 200 responses. Here are five answers that could end up containing one of the most influential factors in helping the Cowboys hoist the Lombardi in February.


Who is to say the Cowboys aren’t already a Super Bowl-caliber team? Are they missing any ingredients? The front office doesn’t believe so as they have shown a deep faith in their own guys. Rather than spending in free agency, they just re-upped in several of their own players and are crossing their fingers that the young players they have on the roster develop further and take the next step.

In this scenario, the Cowboys just need to have some good luck fall their way. Good health, at least down the stretch, is imperative and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have the ball bounce in their favor along the way. That’s what always happens for teams that make it through the gauntlet, so why should it be any different for the Cowboys. It just has to be their time.


The talent of the Cowboys quarterback is one of the most heavily debated topics not only in the media circus, but among fans. Some feel he’s the answer, others not so much, but one thing we all should feel similar about is that the success of this team will largely depend on the play of Dak Prescott. That’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to defining the success of a football team as it’s extremely difficult to win in this league if you don’t have a good quarterback.

The Cowboys have a good quarterback, but what they might need is a great quarterback at big moments. Prescott has flashed stints where he’s been absolutely stunning, including the first part of the season last year. Before injuring his calf in the New England game, he was lighting up opposing defenses. If the Cowboys are to win the Super Bowl, it’s likely going to take a huge year from no. 4, particularly come playoff time. Prescott has it in him to be a big playmaker so this is a storyline that isn’t hard to visualize.


Moving on from the Cowboys' most impactful offensive player to the other side of the ball, we have the wonderfully anticipated year two of Micah Parsons coming up. Hypothetically, there could be a wide range of possible outcomes with Parsons. There’s a chance opposing coaches start figuring him out a bit and those “sophomore slumps” occasionally hit players. We all witnessed Leighton Vander Esch have an All-Pro rookie season only to virtually become invisible from then on out. Of course, injuries played a big part in that one.

The flip side, and one that seems more likely, is that Parsons becomes the next big defensive star in the league. He’s a driven player who already has his eyes on breaking the single-season sack record, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him just blow up quarterbacks all year. Exciting, yes. Shocking, no.


It’s true this is a passing league, but running matters. The Cowboys looked fierce early on last year, but an injury to Ezekiel Elliott slowed him down. And even the Robin to his Batman, Tony Pollard dealt with torn plantar fascia in his left foot in the latter part of the season. For the Cowboys’ offense to truly dominate, they need to have their running game firing on all cylinders.

They aren’t built like the ‘90s Cowboys team where they were controlling the clock and pushing piles, but some remnant of this style of play would go a long way if they are going to return to glory. That also means they not only need some good health from Tyron Smith and the entire offensive line, but that the team’s rookie first-round draft pick turns out to be a stud.


There were a lot of answers wishing bad things to Jerry and/or Stephen Jones, and frankly, that’s taking it a bit too far. We know that some answers were just a playful attempt to express how it would take a change in power in the organization to happen for this team to have a legit shot at winning. Do you really think this team will never win under the management of Jerry Jones?

Well, I personally don’t feel that’s a requirement, but I have to appreciate some of the creativity in the responses from Twitter. Someone even responded that Jerry relocates the family to Mars and trades the Cowboys to Elon Musk for Martian mineral rights. Musk would then hand over all football operations to Deion Sanders. Hmm, I’m not sure how that would play out because if memory serves, Prime wasn’t a big fan of practicing.

And then there are other answers that are a little more morbid.

If the Cowboys end up winning the Super Bowl, what do you think would end up being the biggest storyline accompanying that scenario?

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