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Simi Fejoko and T.J. Vasher appear destined to battle for the final receiver spot on the Cowboys roster

Let the Cowboys training camp battle begin.

NFL: JUN 02 Dallas Cowboys OTA Offseason Workouts Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It has been said before that football is a meritocracy. That is true to a degree. But being matter of fact, it isn’t as if all 53 spots on the Dallas Cowboys roster are truly and totally up for grabs. There are much fewer spots than that where players have a chance to truly earn one, and it feels safe to say that only one of them is at wide receiver.

We are talking about just one specific roster spot. Thanks to the way that the roster is heading into camp you can for the most part evaluate how the team is likely going to do the math as they fill it out. Down near the bottom there is one spot that will likely come down to two players.

Simi Fehoko and T.J. Vasher are seemingly set up to compete for the final roster spot at wide receiver

It does not take long to make a list of five wide receivers that the Dallas Cowboys will likely carry when they set their initial 53-man roster: CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, Jalen Tolbert, James Washington, and Noah Brown.

There are some Cowboys fans who feel like Washington’s spot may not be as safe as we just presented it to be, but it does feel like it would be somewhat shocking for him to not even make the team so we’ll add him to the group for now.

Absent from our list so far are both Simi Fehoko and T.J. Vasher. Interestingly, ESPN not only left Fehoko off of their 53-man roster prediction when they put one together, but they also listed Vasher as the surprise standout from the offseason. Doing that math seems to suggest that one has the early edge over the other.

Both Fehoko and Vasher joined the Cowboys a year ago, the former as a fifth-round pick and the latter as an undrafted free agent. That kind of draft status hardly separates players like this just a year later which means we are in for a bit of a competition here.

As noted, not every roster spot is up for grabs, and even beyond that it is rare that you can find a roster spot that will likely be one of two players like it seems it will be here. Fehoko has the edge in having some NFL experience from 2021, but again, the offseason chatter seems to have favored Vasher.

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