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The preseason will hopefully answer a few different questions about the Dallas Cowboys

It is time to evaluate and learn for Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are playing a football game this week. Yes, really. It has been a long time since last season ended in underwhelming fashion, and we are in the eleventh hour of the ‘No Football Time’ in our lives.

Obviously the preseason is not the same thing as the regular season, but it is interesting in its own way (beyond the fact that it is football at the bare minimum which is what we have been craving). The next few weeks will provide us with the best possible opportunity to learn about the players competing for spots further down this roster and players who will be leaned on at different times over the coming months.

These days it is difficult to find a Cowboys fan who feels like they can totally trust the team, but we have reached the point where we will have concrete information to support whatever side we are arguing for. We cannot learn everything from the preseason, but we can learn whether or not some of the things that this group did over the last few months were the right or wrong decisions.

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Over the last few months SB Nation Reacts voters have taken every opportunity to note that they do not trust the Cowboys front office. As noted, though, the time for debate has just about run dry, we are right at the point where all of the chefs on Chopped have to lift their hands and be satisfied with the meals that they have prepared.

Can Josh Ball really be a reliable swing tackle? Who is going to seriously step up at wide receiver? Will Tony Pollard actually be utilized more? Is the team ever going to have a reliable kicker?

There are a lot of questions swirling around the ether about the Dallas Cowboys and this weekend we will take one step forward towards answering them.

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