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Tyron Smith reportedly “limped off” at the end of Thursday’s Dallas Cowboys practice with the Broncos

A note about the team’s starting left tackle.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are a day away from competing against the Denver Broncos in a preseason matchup, but Thursday saw the team get into some joint practice action ahead of it.

These scrimmages are always interesting in that they, unlike normal training camp practices, offer an opportunity to see the Cowboys go up against another team. It is still not complete live action in the way that the regular season is, but it can be insightful in its own way.

While we should in no way overreact to what we saw on Thursday afternoon, there were definitely some things to be excited about (Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb as the headliner) and others that need some work. Concerning the latter, the Cowboys certainly seem like they are up a creek of sorts at the swing tackle spot as Josh Ball did not have the best practice.

The swing tackle position is important on any NFL team, but considering that the Cowboys employ Tyron Smith who has missed regular-season action for every season that Dak Prescott has been the team’s quarterback (six years running) the need is exacerbated just a bit.

Tyron Smith reportedly “limped off” at the end of Thursday’s Dallas Cowboys practice with the Denver Broncos

An unfortunate part of any NFL practice is that the risk for injuries is always present. To this point we have seen a number of Cowboys players be bit by the injury bug, including rookie fifth-round tackle Matt Waletzko who was in line to compete with Ball for the swing tackle spot.

Thursday was no different as tight end Ian Bunting and defensive tackle John Ridgeway both left the practice field with injury-related issues. These were both reported on by all of the media on site, but there was another Cowboys issue that was seemingly made no mention of until the mothership wrote about it.

Apparently, Tyron Smith “limped off” of the field as the practice was ending.

Tight end Ian Bunting and defensive tackle John Ridgeway both left practice early with apparent injury or conditioning issues. Tyron Smith also limped off the field towards the end of practice. The Cowboys medical team was still evaluating them all after the practice.

It is interesting that this point has not been brought up by other media. It is highly possible that his limping off was not deemed serious by anyone in attendance and it was therefore ignored.

But obviously any potential injury to Tyron Smith would be a particularly big deal in general, let alone in the world that the team is currently operating in where swing tackle is among their top concerns. The regular season is just a month away and while it is unlikely that Smith will see serious action in the preseason, the threat of injury is always looming for anyone.

We will see if Mike McCarthy or anyone involved with the team addresses this issue.

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