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Everything really is bigger in Texas, especially the tailgating

A pre-game party at AT&T Stadium is something every Dallas Cowboys fan should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Los Angeles Chargers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

You know what they say, “everything is bigger in Texas,” and when it comes to the tailgating scene that definitely rings true. There is nothing quite like the experience of visiting Arlington, Texas and coming to the building that Jerry built. Everything from the look of the stadium when you first pull up, to the art gallery built within the concourse ... be prepared to be in awe of the beauty and detail you will encounter when you come to a Dallas Cowboys game.

The Dallas faithful, also known as “Cowboys Nation,” is widely known for being one of the most passionate and loyal fan bases in all of sports, and after a walk around the massive venue known as AT&T Stadium, you will quickly learn why many other fanbases make attending a Cowboys game a must-visit on their to-do list, as well.

The first impression you will get when pulling up to the stadium is that it feels much more than a football game. It is like you are walking into something bigger, something with rich history and a lot of passion that you can feel as you creep closer. From the massive crowds of fans walking in who are buzzing with excitement in hopes of seeing a Cowboys victory, to the smell of that unmistakable food you can only truly get at a sporting event. It has all the essential ingredients for a tailgating experience, but when you are in the state of Texas for a football game, you can expect it to be bigger and better than you may have ever witnessed before.

Whether you are looking to share a few beverages and some tailgate games with your friends, or you’re here to turn it up a notch and looking to get rowdy over at Texas Live before kickoff, you can be sure that game day for the Dallas Cowboys has something to offer for every fan.

The parking lots at AT&T stadium open up five hours prior to kickoff and it is highly recommended to get to the stadium an hour prior to that to ensure you can get in and get comfortable with your group. Whether you want to claim a specific spot or you have a piece of meat you are looking to smoke low and slow, getting there early will ensure you have ample enough time for you and your crew to get the day going right.

If you are new to tailgating or are flying in from out of town and unable to bring a whole tailgate setup yourself, have no fear, we know just where you should go. Every game day Dallas Cowboys and their fans host a “Cowboys Tailgate Party.” The party offers many built-in amenities that ensure all you need to bring is yourself. This Cowboys party boasts a large indoor event space to allow for a comfortable experience for you, your family, and your friends. A DJ playing tunes to keep the party going until kickoff, while bartenders will keep the drinks flowing with beer, wine, and margaritas included. Oh yeah, we can’t forget about the all-you-can-eat Texas BBQ, because what kind of football game would it be without the awesome tailgate food, right?

I encourage everybody to come and experience it for yourself because whether it's a guys’ trip for you and your diehard friends to see the Cowboys, a family affair where the kids will look to get autographs signed by players and take pictures with Rowdy the mascot ... or just about anything in between, you are absolutely going to be having a great time when you are in town for a Dallas Cowboys football game.

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