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Cowboys 2022 training camp practice w/Chargers #2: Recap w/video & tweets

This could be the last significant look we have of the Cowboys starters against another team before the season.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Chargers Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The second joint practice between the visiting Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Chargers is done. Here are some of the notable events.

Before the practice even started, there were injury updates from the head coach.

Another. That WR situation ain’t getting any better.

This is also interesting.

On to actual practice stuff.

Gotta be more consistent than this.

More on Barr.

Kelvin Joseph may be fighting for his roster spot.

The other guys do some good things, too.

Of course, we prefer when our guys do well.

Things getting chippy?



Defense looks ready to carry the team if it needs to.

Still, don’t count the offense out.

Finally, some action from Grier.


Even the deepest of the depth guys getting in on the good stuff.

I’m liking what I see from the secondary.

It’s not all great, of course.

Close, but no hand rolled puro.

Could we finally be stout in the middle of the D line?

Interesting note outside the highlights.

And right on cue.

Let’s check in on the first-round pick.

And a former first-rounder.


More Grier!

Well, this isn’t encouraging.

The name’s Bland. DaRon Bland. (It was ruled an INT.)

Another player WHO IS MAKING THE TEAM!

Seems like a good way to wrap it up.

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