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Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers: Stock Up for KaVontae Turpin, Stock Down for Jalen Tolbert

Saturday night went very well in a lot of ways.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were victorious on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday night. It may have been a preseason game, but the Cowboys winning is never a bad thing.

All told it was a fairly positive day for Dallas. We saw an incredible special teams display, more defensive depth show itself off, and even a few things on offense worth remaining interested in.

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As always we are here to discuss which stocks have risen and which have dipped as a result of the latest Cowboys contest.

Let us begin.

Stock Up: KaVontae Turpin

Early on it felt like KaVontae Turpin’s spot on the roster was relatively safe, but if it wasn’t he did quite the job of cementing it on Saturday night.

By now you are well-aware that Turpin had a kickoff and a punt return for a touchdown against the Chargers. Welcome to the 53.

It is insane to think that the Cowboys signed Turpin after training camp had started. But it is very nice knowing that the return game is in electrifying hands.

Stock Up: Israel Mukuamu

We saw Israel Mukuamu have an interception during the joint practices with the Chargers and it seems that he likes to practice the way that he plays. Hello turnover!

The safety position is sort of deep on the Cowboys, but Mukuamu is proving himself valuable not just from a contribution standpoint, but from a versatility one. He got some play at nickel and while it kind of seemed before camp started like he may have been the odd man out it is difficult to envision the roster without him right now.

Stock Up: Rico Dowdle

There are a lot of people well-aware of Rico’s talents, but he just keeps stacking good performances together. It feels very obvious that he is this team’s RB3.

On the night he finished with 13 carries for 44 yards and a score.

Lock it up. Rico Dowdle is this team’s third runner.

Stock Up: Trysten Hill

There have certainly been questions about Trysten Hill and whether or not he would make it to his fourth season with the Cowboys. The interior of the defensive line is a crowded room but Trysten has managed to stick around this long which is notable.

Turnovers and splash plays matter in the preseason and Hill not only had one but he hit the trifecta!

Time will tell whether this is enough for Hill, but there is no question that his stock has risen as a result of Saturday night.

Stock Up: Jake Ferguson

For a brief moment it felt like this final spot would go to Will Grier, but he just didn’t do enough to totally separate himself.

Interestingly though one of his first targets did in rookie tight end Jake Ferguson. it is unlikely that we will see a ton of Ferguson throughout his rookie year but what we are seeing so far is very promising.

Ferguson racked up 24 yards on one of his two receptions and did so by basically refusing to go down. He is making the tight end decision around veteran Jeremy Sprinkle an interesting one.

Stock Down: Jalen Tolbert

Unfortunately this is the second week in a row that Tolbert finds himself in the stock down category. He had an easy touchdown in the first half that would have been good in college, but this is the NFL and you have to get two feet in bounds.

There is by no means to panic about Tolbert in any way, shape, or form. He is a rookie and the preseason is supposed to be a time to learn, grow, and develop.

Obviously we wish the start to his career was going a little better, though.

Stock Down: Nahshon Wright

There was a moment in the first half where Nahshon (and Kelvin Joseph for that matter) had what felt like the beginning of a redemptive turn. It is no secret that the preseason opener was not kind to either 2021 draft pick, but shortly after those moments things regressed back to more of what we have seen.

Since he was drafted all we have heard about Nahshon Wright is how his size is supposed to translate to playing corner at an elite level. Simply put we have not seen that yet.

Stock Down: Braylon Jones

He had two penalties on the team’s first possession of the second half. The first one was a hold which was frustrating but to make matters worse the second was a false start.

We talk all of the time about how you can use avenues like special teams to make a name for yourself in the preseason. Unfortunately negative moments in general can have the opposite effect.

Stock Down: Discipline

There was a lot of debate about the 17 penalties that the Dallas Cowboys accumulated last week, but Mike McCarthy specifically said the team would be more disciplined this season many times which set up the narrative to take off.

Overall Saturday night went very well for the Cowboys but penalties were an issue yet again, albeit to a smaller degree (there were 8 on the night).

It’s hard to know what fans would have deemed satisfactory in this department, but at least we saw progress.

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