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Forbes lists Dallas Cowboys as most valuable NFL team in least surprising news ever

In other similar news water is wet!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Death, taxes, and the Dallas Cowboys being named the most valuable team in the NFL.

To be clear here, we are talking about values associated just with teams in the National Football League. We know that the Cowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world across all of sports, but seeing how they fare against teams in their own league specifically is always interesting.

In the least surprising news ever, Forbes on Monday announced that the Dallas Cowboys are, in fact, the most valuable team in the NFL with a value of $8 billion. They are the first team to hit the $8B mark.

Interestingly, the Cowboys have a rather sizable gap on the second-place New England Patriots who are “only” worth $6.4B. The reigning world champion Los Angeles Rams rank third at $6.2B, that move to Los Angeles clearly has been worth it for them in more ways than one.

The next NFC East team in the ranking is the New York Giants who actually follow the Rams at fourth with a value of $6B evev. All told, the entire NFC East rounds out the top 10 with the Washington Commanders at sixth ($5.6B) and the Philadelphia Eagles appropriately bringing up the rear in 10th at ($4.9B). Just one more billion and the Cowboys will be worth more than twice as much as the Eagles if anybody wants to buy any more Dallas jerseys!

Obviously we all care more about on-field success for the Cowboys than these kinds of things, but it is all interesting data. It is well-chronicled how Dallas has not appeared in an NFC Championship Game or Super Bowl (which is implied) since 1995 so it is super painful interesting to imagine how much more they would be worth right now if they had.

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