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The Dallas Cowboys have five players on the NFL Top 100 through the list’s first 80 players

We are now just waiting on Micah Parsons.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

There are several signs that regular season football is just around the corner and many of them have nothing to do with football whatsoever.

From a wide perspective the Premier League’s return is an annual signal that soon enough the Dallas Cowboys will be playing games of significance once again. We are just over two and a half weeks out at present point so soon enough things will matter in the way that they are supposed to.

Another marker of drawing closer and closer to the regular season is the annual NFL Top 100 list that NFL Network puts out. This is a list that is hyped up as being voted on by the players, which is technically true, but it is not something that every single player votes on and additionally it is often an exercise in recency bias or assigning high grades to friends and/or teammates.

As of the time of this writing, the first 80 players on the list have been revealed (with the final 20 to follow this weekend) and there are six Dallas Cowboys present. These are some of the bigger names on the team, obviously they are also some of the better players, and Dallas had a great season last year so people are giving them their due.

Ultimately this feels somewhat indicative of the best players on the Cowboys

This past week BTB’s own Danny Phantom discussed his ranking of every player on the roster at the time. This is an interesting exercise by nature as it asks each person to define how they value different positions so there is certainly going to be disagreement.

In looking at Danny’s list, he had the five players that have already appeared on the list in his top seven. It feels safe to assume that Micah Parsons will be in the official list’s top 20 which would give Danny six out of seven.

The only player that Danny has not on the official list is DeMarcus Lawrence, but since the NFL Top 100 is often reflective of the most recent season in the NFL and that Tank missed a ton of time last year the math is simple to put together.

We can quibble about where the Cowboys on the list are ranked (the list is hardly perfect), but it does seem as if the right players have made an appearance, assuming Parsons is indeed revealed this weekend.

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