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Cowboys just make the Top 10 in 2022 preseason power rankings

Cowboys are still the class of the NFC East here.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

They don’t really matter, but it does give an idea of what people are thinking about the Dallas Cowboys. We’re talking about power rankings. That college football weekly poll tradition grafted onto a league, the NFL, where only wins and losses matter.

Anway, enough about whay we shouldn’t pay attention to power rankings, Let’s jsut dive in to ESPN’s latest power rankings for the preseason of 2022. They also attempt to spice it up by asking the writer for each team which player, coach or other personnel are on the hot seat.

The Cowboys come in ranked #10 in the NFL

10. Dallas Cowboys

Post-draft ranking: 8

And there is little doubt who is on the hot seat in Dallas, especiallywith a certain other coach likely to be on the market in 2023.

Who’s on the hot seat: Coach Mike McCarthy

It’s been this way since last season ended, and nothing has changed since, despite Jerry Jones’ constant backing. McCarthy will be the most watched head coach this year because of the Sean Payton shadow and the way Jones took care of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. It’s as if the Cowboys did not win 12 games last year, as the residue from the playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers has not disappeared. To his credit, McCarthy has not allowed the outside discussions of his job to impact how he coaches. Players say he has remained the same with them in temperament and in his demands. — Todd Archer

It’s just not going to go away for Mike McCarthy. All season long, Payton’s ghost will be haunting McCarthy. Dallas has to make a serious run at the Super Bowl in 2022 or Jerry Jones will get wandering eyes. And as mentioned, internal candidate Dan Quinn could slo be in the mix if McCarthy stumbles. Nothing like pressure.

As for the rest of the NFC East, the Eagles are 15th, the Commanders are 21st, and the Giants bring up the rear at 28th.

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