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BTB welcomes a new front-page writer

BTB picks up a free agent.

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[Ed. Note] Stephen Jones likes to say roster construction is a 24/7/365 endeavor, and we agree at BTB. In that spirit, we’re adding a free agent to the team just in time for the season. Please welcome our newest BTB writer, Matthew Arizzi. —- Dave Halprin

Hello all! My name is Matthew and I am now a part of the team at Blogging The Boys. It is still surreal that I am writing on a website I have read for years, but here goes nothing.

As for a little bit about myself, I just graduated college with a Sports Communication and Media degree. I have always had a passion for writing and contextualizing my thoughts, so I started writing my senior year in high school (2018). To make a long story about my journey short, I amassed nearly 5,000 twitter followers doing strictly mixed martial arts content. Podcasts, blogs, live tweeting, covering events, you name it, I did it. Part of me lost the love for it at the backend of last year, but in the past few months, I wanted to hop back on the keys and write about something that I am truly passionate about. Although it is far and away the most toxic relationship in my life, there have been very few staples in my life that I share a prolonged adulation for. The Dallas Cowboys fall under that fine picked umbrella.

I live in New Jersey, 25 minutes away from the home of the warmhearted, kind souls of Philadelphia. Really, really great people they are! Anyways, growing up a Cowboys fan in enemy territory was eventful, to say the least. It builds character, that’s for sure. My dad grew up a Cowboys fan and raised me and my older brother to follow suit. And follow suit we did. Blindly. Here is a picture of our basement at home:

I will spare the exacts on innocuous details, but I have met just about every important player/figure in Cowboys history. Whether it be in passing, at shows, Cowboys hotels, having dinner with them, or even having one being invited to my brother’s wedding (shoutout Emmitt), my life has comprised of a deep-rooted love for this team that surpasses what most would even call a “superfan”.

At only 21 years old and having witnessed just three playoff wins, I have been alive for more presidencies than Cowboys’ playoff wins. What a time to be alive! The stories are endless and the late-night tears are real, but I would not have it any other way. I am thankful for this opportunity to write for a website I have admired and am eager to share my thoughts with you on the Cowboys this season and seasons beyond.

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