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2022 Dallas Cowboys free agency: 5 reasons why they should absolutely sign Jason Peters

Make it happen, Cowboys!

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Last Thursday morning was rather surreal for the Dallas Cowboys.Fans of the team spent the time wondering how the season could be successful with Tyron Smith likely not a part of it at all. Meanwhile the team’s owner/president/general manager exchanged pleasantries and fake insults with a popular media personality during a show that was broadcasted live from The Star in Frisco.

Since then things have felt a bit dark for the team. They were (still are technically) on the precipice of starting a rookie at left tackle, a rookie who has seen no work at that position since June. A rookie who, according to the person who was on television, has a high ankle sprain. None of that sounds great.

Wednesday afternoon brought a ray of light, though. A bat signal in the sky letting us know that a potential would-be hero is on the way.

It is possible that Jason Peters is a member of the Dallas Cowboys in the near future. This, simply put, has to happen.

Here are five reasons why.

He would immediately be the best left tackle on the team

At present moment the only legitimate left tackle options on the Dallas Cowboys are the aforementioned Tyler Smith, plus Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko.

We all believe in Smith’s potential with this team, but for the reasons listed above kicking him out to tackle is playing with fire. He could obviously thrive, but he could also play poorly and have his future with the team and in the NFL in general damaged in the process.

As for Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko, we have been living in a Tyron-less world for a week now and neither one of them has been suggested as any sort of serious option to fill in full-time at left tackle (nor should they have been). Being kind here, they are not some of the best players currently on the team.

Jason Peters walks into this locker room as the best left tackle on the team no questions asked. That alone is enough of a reason to justify bringing him in.

Tyler Smith can stay at left guard

If Jason Peters is playing left tackle for this club then that means that Tyler Smith is not. If Tyler Smith is not playing left tackle then that means that he is playing left guard, you know, the position he has spent all of training camp and the preseason learning and perfecting.

We have no idea just how good Tyler Smith is going to be in the NFL but he should be afforded the opportunity to be set up for legitimate success. He is certainly the best left guard option on the roster (more on that in a bit) so keeping him untouched seems like an ideal option which is why many have said the best answer to the Tyron Smith injury is to find something that Jason Peters represents. An easy plug-and-play answer.

We discussed the merits of Jason Peter signing with the Cowboys in the latest video on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe to our channel (which you can do right here) so you don’t miss any of our videos!

Depth along the interior remains untouched

Continuing the domino effect here, if Tyler Smith is this team’s starting left guard then it means that Connor McGovern remains as the highest point of interior depth. We spoke recently about how moving Smith (which is an idea that does make some logical sense to be fair) creates a domino effect where the best backup inside in McGovern is now a full-time starter meaning that there wouldn’t be any linemen we would feel great about in reserve roles.

Peters signing with the Cowboys keeps everything as is which is obviously the way that the Cowboys designed it. They should certainly still look to find a proper swing tackle (a need that existed prior to the injury), but this would take them a long way in steadying the ship.

Tyler Smith can learn from a future Hall of Famer

Every point that we have discussed so far has involved Tyler Smith in some way, shape, or form. It is no secret that change has arrived for the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. The days of Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin appearing on game programs together are well in the rearview mirror.

Tyler Smith represents a step towards the future and will hopefully be a cornerstone player for the team along the offensive line. He should be cared for and nurtured as an NFL player which means he shouldn’t be thrown into a volatile situation as mentioned, and what’s more is he should have the opportunity to learn from an elite player at the position he will be playing long-term.

Obviously he had that in Tyron Smith, but the unfortunate reality of things is that photographs of them lining up next to one another will maybe live in the same museum of the ones with Tony Romo handing off to Ezekiel Elliott. Jason Peters offers another future Hall of Fame player for him to learn from, and that’s exactly the kind of tutelage he and everybody entering the NFL needs.

There is absolutely no downside

The Cowboys have a need at the position that Jason Peters plays.

The Cowboys have salary cap space to bring in a player like Jason Peters.

Jason Peters immediately makes the Cowboys a better football team.

So with all of that being said... what is the downside? That Peters serves as a “progress stopper” for the likes of Josh Ball and/or Matt Waletzko? All due respect to them that is pretty insignificant in the big picture here.

Speaking of the big picture, this move would literally be the most serious investment that the Cowboys would have made at the tackle position this entire season. It has to be done.

Bonus: It would be fun to troll Eagles fans if and when Peters was amazing

Imagine a longtime Philadelphia Eagles cornerstone player helping the Dallas Cowboys serve as the first repeat winners of the NFC East since 2004. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

There is no question that the Eagles have prepared their roster for a run at the Cowboys in 2022. A return serve, one involving someone formerly from cross enemy lines, would be a lot of fun to see.

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