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Poll: The Cowboys signed Anthony Barr to help the linebacker position, but who should they sign next?

One need addressed, so who should be next for the Cowboys?

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The Dallas Cowboys finally appeased their fans with the signing of free agent linebacker Anthony Barr. The team gets a proven linebacker presence who also goes after the quarterback and occasionally comes away with a pick or two (or three in 2021). With this signing, we take a breath and feel better about the team’s linebacker position group. With Micah Parsons, Leighton Vander Esch, and whatever they get from Jabril Cox, the addition of Barr should give them plenty to work with.

Now that that’s out of the way, what should the Cowboys do next? With grumblings all over social media, there is no shortage of suggestions, so today we’re going to take a look at the top three positions the team should take a serious look at upgrading before the start of the new season.


We want to believe in the Cowboys' coaching staff that they are in fine shape with their protection along the edge. To their credit, they’ve done a good job in the recent past in shoring up their depth. And their unwavering confidence even led to the dismissal of veteran starting right tackle La’el Collins.

But many of us would be kidding ourselves if we said we feel completely at ease here. For starters, rookie Matt Waletzko is already out for a while so he’s not even a feasible option right now. That leaves Josh Ball to handle duties should something happen to the often injured Tyron Smith. That is a worrisome scenario that comes with catastrophic consequences as a breakdown in edge protection could completely derail this Cowboys' offense. Why would they want to risk that? That’s why it’s time to pull the trigger and bring in a reliable veteran presence.

Who should they sign?

We’ve already laid out three options for this position based on the level of urgency, and considering this one is very concerning right now, let’s get OT Daryl Williams in a Cowboys uniform sooner rather than later.


When you go through a bad experience, it can be a little traumatizing. The Chaz Green debacle at tackle a few years ago was one example, but recent years of watching the Cowboys kickers repeatedly miss easy kicks has left us with PTSD (Place-kicker’s Tendencies to Shank Disorder). It’s a scary thing and it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from one of my least favorite movie sequels.

“And you’d better do something about this one, because I don’t intend to go through that hell again!“ - Chief Martin Brody from Jaws 2

Just when you thought it was safe to line up for a field goal, the Cowboys kicking woes continue. Whether it’s the rookie Jonathan Garibay or the once-called-upon reliever Liram Hijrulahu, the Cowboys' legs are all over the place. When offered a shot at having a “mojo moment” neither of these guys are coming through, so if you’re asking this fan if it’s time to sign a veteran kicker, my answer would be, “yeah, baby!”

Who should they sign?

Michael Bagley is just a few years removed from a great season where he made 93% of his kicks with the Chargers. He has a powerful leg as his career-long is 59 yards, and he has post-season experience making kicks. While this 27-year-old veteran may not be the ultimate answer, it would behoove the Cowboys to continue the search for a more reliable leg and see if he shows an improvement over this mess they currently have.


This one might be on the top of your list, especially after the news that James Washington will miss some time with an injury. The front office insists they love their own guys and don’t seem to have any plans on hitting the panic button, even with Michael Gallup expected to miss the first part of the season.

To their credit, the young guys have been playing well. It’s very possible players emerge to give the team a solid group of decent, albeit very unproven, young receivers. And while it’s understandable to give the reps to these youngsters right now, it would be wise to secure the services of a veteran before real football begins.

Who should they sign?

While many are advocating for the high upside Will Fuller, it might be smarter to go after a player who is more dependable, and that player is Emmanuel Sanders. A 12-year veteran, Sanders has had three seasons with over 1,000 yards receiving including two Pro Bowl years with the Denver Broncos. Sanders offers a lot as he can be a deep threat or even throw the ball if Kellen Moore gets creative as he did with Cedric Wilson Jr., but most importantly, he offers the team a very important trait - availability.


Which position should the Cowboys address next?

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    Swing tackle
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  • 56%
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  • 15%
    Wide receiver
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