Taking requests

Hey guys, so I'm finishing up a film review about Terence Steele that should be done before the first preseason game (hope ya'll get a chance to read it), but I wanted to ask you guys about players that ya'll are intrested in. I was thinking about doing one about Noah Brown, Jayron Kearse, Trevon Diggs, etc.

But I did end up getting stuck on who to choose because I really want to watch all of them. This is where you guys come in. I am inevitably going to talk about these guys but want to see if there was another player that ya'll perfer to see first. So I decided to let ya'll vote.

I'll be picking the comment that has the most Rec's and do a film breakdown on the player that you guys want to see. Please note that they have to have significant snaps to do a proper film review and if you pick a rookie just know that they will most likely get an article after a couple of preseason games. If there is a tie, I'll unfortunatly have to pick one.

This is just for fun and you guys can pick literally anyone on the roster that meet the requirements from above. Who ever has the most Rec's by Saturday at 12 pm "wins".

Thank you for reading, take care.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.