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BTB welcomes a new front-page writer

Abother addition to the family.

NFL: FEB 08 Super Bowl LVI - Super Bowl Experience Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

[Ed Note]: We never stop looking for new talent at BTB. After adding a free agent to the ranks yesterday, we are doingit again today. Please welcome our latest writer, Brandon Loree. — Dave Halprin

For those who know me, if there is any opportunity I can take to talk about myself, I will do it. Feel free to skim this bio to the good parts.

Hey Cowboys Nation, my name is Brandon Loree, and I’m honored to join a great team of writers and personalities.

1996 was a great year all around. The Cowboys won their third Super Bowl in four seasons, and that August, I was born into the fandom. My brothers and I never knew any different, and I can say I’m happy we didn’t. From day one, my father made sure being a fan of America’s Team was without question, even with living in New Jersey.

Also, as a side note, if I ever bring up my brothers, I am a triplet, so that’s a pretty cool fact to know about me. No, we do not look alike. Yes, triplet telepathy is real.

I didn’t understand what it meant to be a Dallas Cowboys fan until Week 8 of the 2006 season. For many fans reading this, you already know what day that means in Cowboys history. For those that don’t, here is a refresher.

I was hooked. It was the first NFL start of the Tony Romo era. The guy was magic in the pocket and led the team to a wild-card birth. He gave fans the juice that was missing ever since Troy Aikman retired.

From that moment on, many nights were spent as a family yelling at the television. Since the 2006 season, it has been a wild ride for Cowboys fans. We have been living a cycle of “almost’s” and falling short of the Lombardi Trophy.

I discovered my passion for sports journalism during the 2014 season when Tony Romo was at his best. All I would do in highs chool was write about the team in English class. Since ‘06, there have been many great rosters with Super Bowl potential. 2007, 2016, 2018, and 2021. However, I still believe that the ‘14 squad was the best. Here’s why.

Romo mentioned how he took the mental part of his game that offseason to a new level. It showed on the field. Even though Dallas started the season 0-1 against the San Fransico 49ers, they quickly bounced back. It wasn’t until Week 3 against the New Orleans Saints that I believed this team was special. After the Week 6 victory over Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, I knew this team could win it all.

Even after battling another back injury, Romo played great when it counted. He was reading defenses better and fought off his winter demons. After going 4-0 in December and leading his team back to the playoffs, Romo’s name was tossed around in the MVP conversation.

The face of the franchise finally had it all with a dominant rushing attack, the league’s best offensive line, and a defense that played with heart. Then the referees in Green Bay had to spoil it for everyone.

Romo’s legacy should have never been left in the hands of officials. Dez Bryant caught the ball. End of story.

Now back to reality.

After Dallas was robbed of an NFC Championship appearance, in a Batman sort of way, I vowed to hold refs accountable for their actions by any means necessary. Since I can’t do anything on the field, I do my crime-fighting in the written word.

So whenever you read my work, know I’m fighting for you, Cowboys Nation.

If you take away anything from my story is that I’ll do my part in giving you Grade-A quality content centered around the Cowboys. Just promise me to do yours by commenting, sharing, and subscribing to our work here at Blogging the Boys.

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