Jerry / Mike / Dak

When you are this bad, everything is bad...

Jerry's offseason: We've seen this movie where Jerry comes into the year with unproven receivers. 2018 when Dez Bryant was released and coaches "felt good" about the committee WR strategy. But the problems that emanate from no dominant WR, arrived quickly that year and Jerry traded a #1 for Amari Cooper.

That started a fix which lasted through 2021. Then he made the same mistake again. Albeit, there was no CeeDee Lamb to start 2018, but albeits aside, the same problem showed up Sunday night.

The Bucs did what they needed to cover Lamb and nobody else emerged except Shultz a little bit. Also, the OL is a need area and Jerry went into the year trusting Tyron Smith and releasing La'el Collins. Now you've got new OL injuries to go with old depth problems to go with Dak Needs Surgery.

McCarthy: Don't play anybody in preseason. There could not have been a better display than Sunday night for what can happen going that route. The offense was rusty, Dak played one of his worst games ever.

Penalties, of course. I'm not hanging McCarthy for that because - he sat everyone all preseason...

However, down 16 in the 4th and at midfield, I'm not punting on 4th down.

Dak: Worse than his worst game as a Cowboy, was his on-field demeanor as the wheels came off last night. The offense was in a rut of ruts, Dak couldn't fix it and then Dak didn't look like he thought he could fix it. That cascades across the offense and as a QB, you have to show confidence even if you don't feel it.

I've never quite seen that kind of thing with him, or not so pronounced, but I think it was an issue last night.

This offense needs reps, Dak can't be there now for those for a while, and it suddenly looks like an offense without confidence, without a nearby place to derive it, and a light-year away from leading the league.

Tossed In / Kellen Moore:

If I'm tanking in the 4th down by 16, Lamb is being defended and nothing is working, I'm bringing KaVontae Turpin in for a flanker screen, a reverse or a hook & lateral. Something to use his speed when I need a big play to turn the game around. Going back to that rut the offense was in, Moore didn't seem to have answers any more than Dak did.

When you're this bad you're this bad. 0-1 with a bad moon rising.


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