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Buccaneers LB Devin White said they knew Dallas Cowboys offensive gameplan based off of last year

Dallas might have to changes some things up this season.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The scoreboard may not have been as one-sided as typically are in blowout losses, but make no mistake about it, the Dallas Cowboys were severely outplayed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night.

To Dallas’ credit they were able to limit most of what the Bucs wanted to do offensively. Shout out to Micah Parsons for leading the way there.

It is the other side of the ball where the Cowboys really struggled, though. As noted Dallas is the only team who failed to score a touchdown across the entire NFL in Week 1 and while Tampa deserve their fair share of credit for helping that be the case the Cowboys were also largely in their own way.

The Cowboys offense looked flat, stale, and predictable.

According to one player from the other side, that last point is very true.

Devin White said the Bucs knew the Cowboys’ gameplan based off of last year

This year’s season opener was a rematch of last year’s. although in 2021 the Cowboys and Buccaneers faced off in Florida as opposed to AT&T Stadium.

That particular game featured lots of scoring on both sides and went down to the wire before the Bucs walked away the happier team. Sunday night was far from that game.

After the Cowboys lost to the Bucs on Sunday night, Tampa linebacker Devin White noted that they studied last year’s game and essentially knew that Dallas would do the same thing offensively.

Now it isn’t exactly uncommon for NFL teams to maintain core principles of their offense from year to year. But that doesn’t make this feel any better for Cowboys fans.

The concern dating back to the second half of last season has been that Kellen Moore’s offense has been figured out. Here Devin White essentially says that they felt fairly comfortable going off of what they saw an entire year ago and the results certainly support that gamble.

Things are in no way going to get easier for Moore moving forward, especially without Dak Prescott. Moore has seen his name connected to various head coaching opportunities throughout the NFL over the years but it is starting to feel like his stock is plummeting a bit.

Hopefully the Bengals only studied that 2020 film, right?

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