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Jerry Jones might already be losing faith in Mike McCarthy for the 2022 season

As the owner of the Dallas Cowboys talked this week on the major loss at home, a feel of frustration about his head coach can be heard in his words

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is better than the start of a new football season. All the wait and anticipation, with the only way to top that feeling is to start your season at home. For the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones, they got the good fortune to start their season in their own house. But that's where the joy in Jerry stopped.

The Cowboys lost players to injury, got poor performances from key players, and to help entrench his heartbreak further, the only points put on the board was from his once released kicker, making this one of the least productive game in Cowboys history.

If you are at the stadium or at home watching on TV, when the camera pans to the owners box you will find Jerry Jones with his company of onlookers high up staring down at his team on the field. And credit to Jerry, you can usually find him watching all the way to the final whistle, clapping as the game comes to an end. That would not be true this week as Jerry very abruptly exited his perch to head down to find his staff and players.

Later after being spotted on his impatient walk, members of the media along with Jane Slater, talked to the Cowboys owner where he went on to tell them about Dak Prescott's injury, and then went on to give his opinion on his coaching staff and where it became clear he's losing his ability to defend them.

"We're dealing with a big minus. This of course is just the start, but a hard way to start", Jerry went on to explain how he felt on the teams poor performance and the coaches, "certainly that will be addressed and worked on."

As for his direct comment about the coaches and more specifically Mike McCarthy, Jerry was quoted as saying. "Its pretty logical for me to see that we've got a lot of areas to work on and a lot of areas to improve on. It was real disappointing before Dak's injury, certainly disappointed after it."

Its not often you hear Jerry place the blame so obviously on the team’s lack of preparedness, which only points the blame on the head coach. And just to add more salt in the wound of his head coach, Jerry then went on to tell the media the specifics of Dak’s injury, completely stepping on McCarthy's toes and side-stepping the coaches authority on injury details.

As the roster gets a little thinner this week due to injury, the owner/coach relationship is only going to get tested even further, and how long that patience holds will be directly correlated to how well McCarthy can keep his team from losing, or at least score more than three points. At this stage the Week 1 embarrassment looks to have sealed a deal in Jerry's mind that will be hard to unlock without a deep playoff run, which right now seems extremely challenging.

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