Cooper Rush Era Arrives

However long or short it may go. He did well as the starter under the SNF lights last year in Minneapolis.

Rush is a good pocket passer. It starts there and ends there. He's no Dak Prescott eluding a pass rush or tucking it under.

So you have to run that kind of an offense. The offense will now go as far as it's pass protection, and nobody thinks that's good right now. The answer is get rid off the ball - short drops & short routes. When Gallup is ready Rush gets some help.

Everyone will load the box to stop the run game & make Rush beat them. Again, adjust. Throw on 1st down most of the time.

The only positive in the situation at the outset, is that all of this is scriptable. We know if Rush is to make plays it has to be from the pocket. We know the OL is spotty at best. We know defenses will key now on Elliott and Pollard.

This is on McCarthy right now. He has depletions, what does he do about it.


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