Pointing Fingers

The first game was very disappointing, but it is a long season. I do not want to over-react. Lessons from that game, however, must be learned. Jerry put shade on the team, particularly the receivers. As someone who runs a company, when something goes wrong, I always look first at what I may have done wrong. Second, I look at the managers. Last, I look at the workers. That does not mean that workers always do their job, but the responsibility starts with me and the managers. Against Tampa Bay, our coaches were severely out-coached. Watching Tampa Bay repeatedly overload the left side and run successfully against the Cowboys made me wonder why we never seem to be able to use schemes like that for our running backs. Why did we have nothing on defense to counter those plays? Coaching.

I am not going to obsess about CeeDee Lamb. You will not have a good passing attack with one talented receiver. You need at least four receivers that threaten the defense. If you have enough threats on offense, Lamb will get his moments. Jerry and Stephen, this is on you--it is not on CeeDee Lamb.

What concerned me most regarding talent was I did not see any of the Cowboy defenders getting off blocks so they could make a play on the ball. Schemes should be able to be fixed. Gallup and Prescott will come back. If the defenders cannot beat a block, how are they going to stop an opponent from running the ball?

I do not expect the Cowboys to make the playoffs this year, but we need answers about the approach by management, coaching, and players we expect to make plays.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.