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Stephen Jones on QB Dak Prescott’s return: ‘Very best it would be’ against Commanders or Rams

Dak Prescott could be making his return in the next few weeks.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago the Dallas Cowboys were licking their wounds after an embarrassing loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football. To make matters worse starting quarterback Dak Prescott was injured as he fractured his thumb.

Here we sit just seven days later. Dak Prescott has had his surgery and is on the mend, and oh yea, the Cowboys defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon to breathe serious life back into their season. Football really is the most wonderful and chaotic thing.

It goes without saying that the more Dallas can win without Prescott under center the more time they buy themselves to play around with things. Ideally Dak can return as soon as possible, but if the Cowboys are stacking wins together then the need is not as great.

Team EVP Stephen Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Monday and noted that regarding Dak Prescott’s return, “at very best it would be” against the Washington Commander or Los Angeles Rams.

The Cowboys have been incredibly positive (shocker) when talking about Dak Prescott’s return date, but this is one of the more definitive comments that anybody with the team has made to this point. Obviously anything can still change, but Stephen saying it this matter-of-factly is notable.

For what it’s worth the Cowboys visit the 2-0 New York Giants next week on Monday Night Football. Their remaining schedule before the bye is certainly a bit friendlier on paper than the two games they just went through.

If the Cowboys can pull off a win against the Giants, especially if the Philadelphia Eagles lose this week on Monday night, it steadies the waters even more. Washington is 1-1 and technically behind the Giants from a record standpoint but their offense has looked far more impressive. Prescott could certainly help against anyone, but he is particularly needed if Dallas is playing teams who can score a lot.

Do you buy this? Do you think we can see Dak in 2-3 weeks?

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