Wow, I Was Really, Really Wrong

I’ve always hated it when sports writers (even lowly Fanpost writers like myself) get something really wrong and don’t own up to it and I’ve always said on the rare times that I have a pessimistic take on the Cowboys, "I hope I’m wrong, but…"

Well, I was emphatic that Tyler Smith was in no way ready to play left tackle at the NFL level. I even wrote he would be the first player ever to get "a pre-snap holding penalty."

And I was wildly wrong on that take. Just stupidly, hideously, horribly wrong. What. An. Idiot.

There. That’s called owning it.

It’s only two games for Dallas and I’m writing this before the Vikings v. Eagles game, so it’s really hard to say yet what the competition level is for this division. Who knows how the division shakes out? But wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong about how Dallas would look with Cooper Rush behind center, as well. I loved the way he played last year against the Vikings, but I didn’t believe he could step in and do that again. I was totally wrong on that front.

Looking head, I watched the highlights of the Giants game and witnessed an offensive line that will be in serious trouble against Dallas’ front seven next week. I also saw their defensive line get pushed around a fair amount. This, combined with Dallas’ demonstrated ability to run the ball again, bodes well for next week. The tiny pitch to Pollard that went forward about a foot, so was technically a pass, but was really a run that he took to the house would have bumped the team rushing total to 153 yards against the Bengals.

So, it seems reasonable to hope (expect?) for Dallas to be 2-1 this time next week.

Did not see that coming. It feels great to be wrong.

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