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Cowboys vs. Giants: ‘This version of the Cowboys is, and I know your readers will be annoyed by this, not scary’

We wanted some info on the Giants from an expert on the G-men.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys will travel to meet the New York Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season. The Giants come in as the favorites which is as unusual as them starting a season 2-0. We wanted to know what is going on with the Giants, so we asked five questions and Big Blue View gave us five answers.

Blogging The Boys: So how much faith do you have in the Giants and their 2-0 start? Have things really changed, or did they just have good fortune through the first two weeks?

Big Blue View: I think there is reason to be optimistic GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll have the Giants on the right path, and that long term things are headed in a better direction. There is a bit of smoke and mirrors to the 2-0. I honestly don’t think the Titans are as good as they were supposed to be, and Carolina is a mess. The Giants won those games by a total of 4 points, and could easily have lost both.

They did a lot of good things, but people are getting ahead of themselves if they think the Giants are ‘fixed.’ Daboll has said constantly that they are at the beginning. This is largely an evaluation year, and the wins help Daboll and Schoen sell their program. This is not, though, a team that anyone should expect to go win 12 games and make a deep playoff run.

BTB: Saquon Barkely is back and looking good. Is it just a matter of being healthy, or has the new coaching regime figured out better ways to utilize his talents?

BBV: A little of both, I think. Barkley is healthier than he has been since he suffered the first high ankle sprain early in the 2019 season. He’s looked really good going all the way back to the spring. I also think the offensive scheme is better (good riddance, Jason Garrett) and the Giants are doing a better job getting the ball to Barkley in situations where he has space to operate. Having an improving offensive line also helps.

BTB: I got to ask, just like every year - is Daniel Jones the man for the Giants and should they keep him for the future, or would a new QB be the better move down the road?

BBV: To be determined. As it was last year. I have said all along that it is possible for Jones to prove he deserves to stay, but I think the odds are not in his favor. He is eligible for the franchise tag in 2023, but so is Barkley. Is it smarter to tag Jones at $31M or Barkley at $12? I don’t think I have to answer the question. What it comes down to is whether or not Jones plays well enough for the Giants to think he’s worth, say, two years and $40 million.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Giants move on, let Tyrod Taylor be a one-year bridge guy, draft a QB and play the ‘build around a QB on a rookie deal’ game.

BTB: What’s the story on the Giants defense? Where do they excel and where are they vulnerable?

BBV: You do know who Wink Martindale is, right? I don’t say that to be snotty, but Martindale is the defensive coordinator and that means only one thing. Pressure, pressure and more pressure. From every conceivable angle. The question for the Giants has been, and will continue to be, whether they can cover well enough on the back end to make the scheme work.

BTB: The Giants have been slight favorite on DraftKing Sportsbook in this game — anywhere from 1-3 points. Are you buying that they are the favorites and how do you think the game will play out?

BBV: Oh, I’ll buy that they deserve to be the favorites. This version of the Cowboys is, and I know your readers will be annoyed by this, not scary. I would not be shocked if the Giants win. I did, though, pick Dallas to win this week. The ball can’t always bounce the Giants’ way and I just don’t look at them as a team that “should” be 3-0 after three weeks. So, I’m thinking they won’t be.

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