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Stats review: Where the Cowboys win and lose versus the Giants

The Cowboys narrowly escaped Joe Burrow and the Cincinatti Bengals on Sunday, but division matchups are a completely different ball game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

[Ed Note]: Please welcome a new free agent signing to the BTB roster. Defy will be doing some work here and we are excited about his debut. — Dave Halprin

The New York Giants are 2-0 for the first time since 2016 and whether Dallas Cowboys fans like it or not, even bad teams can ride the wave of momentum. Not only is Brian Daboll proving to be an excellent hire, but Saquon Barkley looks like he’s returned to form, He is second in rushing, sixth in yards per attempt, and second in yards after contact. While Dallas does have a top defense in football, it’s ranked 27th in ESPN’s run stop win rate statistic. No matter how good a defense may be, if it is constantly on the field because the offense is throwing away drives, the opposing team is eventually going to find success running the football.

The good news is that the Giants run block win rate is ranked 30th with their pass block win rate ranked 18th. Dallas’ pass rush win rate? Fifth. Head-to-head, the Cowboys defense wins this matchup convincingly, the problems stem from factors they can’t control like how often they’ll be on the field or possible turnovers from the Cowboys offense. It’s also noteworthy that Micah Parsons exists. Dan Quinn will likely match him up on rookie right tackle Evan Neal, and that’s a wild mismatch.

There’s not enough room on this article to talk about how great Micah Parsons has been, but Evan Neal has had a rough start to put it nicely. Neal has allowed the 12th most pressures (five), sixth most hurries (four), one sack (134 snaps), and has the worst run block grade among all starting offensive tackles (28.1). While it’s fair to say that Neal had a tough matchup last Sunday against Brian Burns, his next opponent is Micah Parsons who many think is playing like the best player in football. Not just the best defensive player, the best player in general. While Parsons has been incredible and Neal has not, Neal doesn’t seem to be intimidated.

As for the Dallas offense, the receivers could struggle to get separation especially against Giants corner Adoree’ Jackson, and despite Jackson only being one player, it’s never good when a portion of the field is taken away. Jackson has allowed just one catch on seven targets for 27 yards; he has the 10th lowest passer rating in all of football. Still, Jackson may not even be a concern if the Cowboys find success running the football. The offensive line is outperforming expectations, Ezekiel Elliott is healthy again, and Tony Pollard looks great. While it was previously mentioned an offense can find success running the ball if the opposing defense is on the field all game, that doesn’t just apply to the Dallas defense.

The goal of this game should be the Cowboys not beating themselves. Dallas is going into this game as the better football team regardless of what the record says, but they can’t afford the penalties that hand the opposing team points or turnovers in the red zone. The only team that beats Dallas this Monday is Dallas.

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