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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys at Giants: ‘Their DL ate Wheaties, our OL ate Twinkies.’

Read what fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys take it to the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Rob Tringali/Sportschrome/Getty Images

You know the TTN drill: After a win, we like to take a look at how other NFL fans reacted while they were watching the game by listening in on the comments those fans made during the game.

Only this time, we have switched it up a little. Because the comments Giants fans made on Big Blue View in the first half are not available anymore, we’ve replaced them with comments from Cowboys fans on Blogging The Boys.

Effectively, you’ll re-live the first half mostly from a Cowboys perspective, and the second half mostly from a Giants perspective.

Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

Pre-game and 1st Quarter
Vikings Is it wrong of me to wish that these two teams engage in a hard-fought battle, before disappearing entirely into a sinkhole filled with mutant sewer gators?
Rickap | 19:51 EDT
Cowboys I have the first mental health exam of the semester in five minutes, but afterwards I'm gonna drink as many beers as Cowboys get sacks. >:-D
oneinsider | 19:55 EDT
Cowboys If Cowboys were able to beat the Bengals last week, then they can beat the Giants.
go87 | 20:01 EDT
Seahawks "The undefeated NY Giants" , did I hear that right? Is water dry? Has hell frozen over? Do pigs fly? Someone pinch me, and wake me up.
Soggyblogger | 20:04 EDT
Eagles Judas Peters
philifan313 | 20:08 EDT
He's only taken Jerrahs money so far. Let's hope that's where this ends.
Revenge of Weapon X | 20:23 EDT
Actually, the best way for it to end is for him to rip off his jersey right before kickoff week 6 and run off the field AB style.
TSPC37730 | 20:40 EDT
Cowboys Giants won coin toss and deferred.
troysboys | 20:13 EDT
Cowboys A TTN post tomorrow sure would be sweet.
Canadian Texan | 20:15 EDT
Cowboys One thing about Rush is he makes quick reads and let’s the ball fly.
pfloyd2 | 20:17 EDT
(12:04) DAL punts
Cowboys Where’s Kitna when you need him?!
MicCougar66 | 20:21 EDT
Underrated comment. And valid question.
mojo schmee | 20:23 EDT
(10:46) D.Jones sacked at NYG 20 for -4 yards (D.Lawrence).
Cowboys Tank sighting. Let's do this.
mojo schmee | 20:26 EDT
Cowboys The Law.
NeverUseLove | 20:26 EDT
Cowboys OMG a D'Law sighting.
Highhorse | 20:26 EDT
Cowboys No point in watching this any further. The refs throw a flag every time the Giants need one. The result has been predetermined.
zigg6411 | 20:26 EDT
Cowboys Good stop by the defense.
troysboys | 20:29 EDT
Eagles Who are we rooting for tonight? Would we rather have NY be 3-0 and DAL 1-2 or have both be 2-1?
nononono | 20:31 EDT
I will never root for a Dallas win. NY is no threat with Daniel Jones.
titsa_flappin | 20:32 EDT
NY 3-0. Take them out of range for a top QB.
Revenge of Weapon X | 20:32 EDT
(7:49) G.Gano 47 yard field goal is BLOCKED (D.Armstrong)
Cowboys Dorance Armstrong. HellzYeah!
mojo schmee | 20:31 EDT
Highhorse | 20:31 EDT
Cowboys Randy Gregory who??
ethan.chazin.1 | 20:31 EDT
Cowboys And he was held.
EZEKIEL2131 | 20:31 EDT
Cowboys I have PTSD from all the darn flags. I'm so sick of penalties.
KenOak | 20:35 EDT
Cowboys All it took was to start Cooper to finally get the best out of Noah Brown. Once Dak is back Noah will go back to being incognito/special teams dude.
zigg6411 | 20:37 EDT
Cowboys I know Rush and Brown practice a lot together but this is awesome.
pfloyd2 | 20:37 EDT
Cowboys More drive killing penalties.
Sunsn7 | 20:39 EDT
Cowboys Flag again
troysboys | 20:39 EDT
(2:12) B.Maher 26 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - NYG 0
Cowboys FG is good
troysboys | 20:40 EDT
Cowboys FG marathon starts.
pfloyd2 | 20:41 EDT

2nd Quarter
Cowboys Gets to the RedZone. Starts going backwards. Good ole Cowboys offense.
Lil J Moore80 | 20:43 EDT
Cowboys Hey, guys, that was a score. Kick made. Backup QB, backup WR, backup LT, backup LG, backup TE. Not ideal, but better than what the Giants managed.
greg306 | 20:44 EDT
(12:39) D.Jones sacked at DAL 30 for -1 yards (D.Armstrong).
Cowboys I bet the under 39 points. Looking good so far.
Scary Triangle | 20:49 EDT
Cowboys Jones must be a tough dude cause he is taking some serious hits.
Draco Fortuna | 20:51 EDT
Cowboys Lawrence may not be getting the sack but he's been disruptive.
revellyre | 20:56 EDT
Cowboys Micah getting held damn near every play but no call.
takeitanlikeit | 20:57 EDT
Cowboys Of course no call. That would be unfair.
troysboys | 20:58 EDT
(11:21) NYG field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - NYG 3
(11:11) T.Pollard left tackle to NYG 17 for 46 yards
Cowboys Wow, Peters was in for one play and we got that huge run?
MegaWinter | 21:00 EDT
Cowboys Maybe I was wrong lol. So far so good with Peters at LG.
MicCougar66 | 21:00 EDT
Eagles Jason Peters is on the Cowboys? Say it ain’t so
TheJeffersons | 21:02 EDT
(9:13) B.Maher 28 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 6 - NYG 3
Cowboys Gotta say, Maher's kicks are looking a lot more consistent down the middle vs the hard pulls to the right he used to have. Hopefully he's just a late bloomer.
Merc WithA Mouth | 21:03 EDT
(7:33) NY punts
Cowboys Micah is good. That's it. That's the whole comment.
KenOak | 21:09 EDT
Cowboys Micah serving up pancakes on the OL.
3rd_and_15 | 21:09 EDT
Cowboys Parsons is an absolute monster. My favorite defensive player since DWare.
revellyre | 21:09 EDT
Cowboys Here comes the three-and-out with Zeke running for a yard at a time. How is this allowed to go on for second season in a row.
MSinNC | 21:11 EDT
Cowboys Holding calls are drive killers for us.
bcomets | 21:13 EDT
What do they do in practice?
bcomets | 21:14 EDT
0k | 21:14 EDT
(4:42) C.Rush pass incomplete deep left to C.Lamb.
Cowboys CD dropped the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
troysboys | 21:15 EDT
Cowboys CD!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
British Columbia Cowboys Fan | 21:15 EDT
Cowboys Lamb, how could you drop that??
MegaWinter | 21:16 EDT
Cowboys Peters making it easy for Zeke and Pollard
Lil J Moore80 | 21:17 EDT
Cowboys I actually thought Zeke was Pollard on that 27 yard run so that’s a good thing.
Scary Triangle | 21:17 EDT
Cowboys Jason Peters already paying dividends.
Cowboys4Life | 21:19 EDT
(2:38) DAL Punts
Cowboys Thank God we got the 20 yard punt. You signed Maher for a reason. Just let him try from 57.
Miller1109 | 21:21 EDT
Cowboys Why did we just punt from their 41 yard line?!?!?!
JRomo | 21:21 EDT
Cowboys Cowboys have 5 penalties in first half.
pfloyd2 | 21:22 EDT
The Giants have 15, only the refs won't throw the flags.
icebowl68 | 21:23 EDT
Cowboys We're getting contract year Tank in this game.
bcomets | 21:23 EDT
Cowboys They keep replaying that drop. The ball couldn’t have been placed more perfectly.
Mark Barrington | 21:24 EDT
Cowboys Long arms of DLaw.
Northern Cowboy | 21:27 EDT
Cowboys The Giants are now not even trying to hide holding Cowboys defenders, looks like WrestleMania out there.
icebowl68 | 21:27 EDT
Cowboys The best thing to do when the other team has less than a minute to score before halftime is call a timeout...
LobstaFarian | 21:28 EDT
Cowboys They always say 3 or 4 key plays win or lose you the game. Noah PI. CD drop. Could be killer.
Blue Kool Aid | 21:29 EDT
Eagles Why is Dallas calling timeouts?
HakunaMailata | 21:34 EDT
Mike McCarthy.
KamiKazeJEDI | 21:34 EDT
Peyton is really frustrated by the Giants’ refusal to call any timeouts
nononono | 21:34 EDT
Mike McCarthy is doing it for him, for some reason.
David Okinsky | 21:34 EDT
Cowboys The heck is Mike doing? One play they are in FG range.
Draco Fortuna | 21:34 EDT
Cowboys Why Mike? Why call that TO?
Sean__N | 21:34 EDT
(:10) 4th-and-2. D.Jones pass incomplete to K.Golladay. Turnover on downs
Commanders Kinda makes me reminisce listening the announcers praising Parsons abilities. That once was the same reverence given to Sean Taylor. What a huge advantage to an organization to have a gifted player like that.
1052skins | 21:37 EDT
(:04) B.Maher 59 yard field goal is No Good
Cowboys 59 yard FG is missed
troysboys | 21:37 EDT
Cowboys Kudos for trying.
MicCougar66 | 21:37 EDT

3rd Quarter
Giants I hope this game goes like the first 2. At halftime you’re thinking, “I can’t believe we’re actually still in this game!?!” Then we make great halftime adjustments, and really get in the game.
TCFKAS85 | 21:44 EDT
Giants Look at it this way...when the game's over we could be the worst 3-0 team in history.
Fast-Eddie | 21:45 EDT
(14:22) D.Jones sacked at NYG 21 for -8 yards (D.Lawrence).
Giants Our O-line has been ATROCIOUS. We need to pull it together for a chance here.
Jerry_Terry | 21:50 EDT
Cowboys are playing 3 replacements along their backup OL. So explain that.
Deliguy | 21:51 EDT
Their backup linemen are better than our starters.
Danny Dimes | 21:53 EDT
Commodores We’d be down by three TDs to either of these teams at the half.
Taylor703 | 21:51 EDT
Giants Demarcus Lawrence has been unstoppable tonight.
IronGiant18 | 21:54 EDT
Giants A run where we hit all the lights maybe gets 3 yds. SMH
TCFKAS85 | 21:56 EDT
(10:55) D.Jones sacked at NYG 46 for -11 yards (D.Wilson)
Giants Ugggh...
Fast-Eddie | 21:58 EDT
Giants I think that’s 5 sacks.
IronGiant18 | 21:59 EDT
BarfieldBestArmEver | 21:59 EDT
sexyscottish | 21:59 EDT
Giants At least we won’t have to deal with Lawrence for a while.
IronGiant18 | 21:59 EDT
Giants I don't like being 52 years old, but it's saved my laptop and walls tonight.
lovemygmen | 22:01 EDT
(9:06) NY field goal is GOOD
DAL 6 - NYG 6
Giants That blocked field goal is going to bite us in the ass isn't it?
Danny Dimes | 22:02 EDT
… and Dallas fans are saying that miss picked 6 will bite them
OnceAGiantOnlyAGiant10 | 22:04 EDT
The FlyingHellfish | 22:05 EDT
(8:08) DAL punts
Giants Ugly ... but, it's all we got. It'll be amazing if we somehow survive this and are 3-0 in the morning.
AL_Joe.NY | 22:04 EDT
Giants Good run defense
IronGiant18 | 22:06 EDT
Except for a couple times.
scarlet knight | 22:06 EDT
Giants Would be nice to have one drive without a drive killing penalty or sack.
NYGinNC | 22:09 EDT
Giants We are definitely on the short side of the play calling battle … both sides.
TCFKAS85 | 22:12 EDT
Giants 16 pressures and we're only halfway through the 3rd quarter...uggh.
Fast-Eddie | 22:13 EDT
(5:41) S.Barkley for 36 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 6 - NYG 13
Giants Saquon!
IronGiant18 | 22:15 EDT
Do0msday | 22:15 EDT
Giants Let’s goooooooooo baby
roar13 | 22:15 EDT
Danny Dimes | 22:15 EDT
Giants I'm going to get arrested the way I'm screaming at the TV.
BigBlueBallaz | 22:21 EDT
Giants Are we even playing with any defensive backs? I haven't seen this much cushion since...well...last year.
Do0msday | 22:23 EDT
(:32) E.Elliott for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 13 - NYG 13
Giants I know it's a lot to ask, but can the Giants someday STOP someone after we score a TD, instead of just laying down?
Jonah_Falcon | 22:25 EDT
Giants Elliott is having his best game of the season.
IronGiant18 | 22:25 EDT
Giants Absolutely killer.
Danny Dimes | 22:25 EDT
Giants We just can't have nice things.
BigBlueBallaz | 22:25 EDT
Giants Elliott can fall forward and get 3 yards.
LegionofBlue14 | 22:25 EDT
Giants Awful. You needed to pitch a shut down inning there. You can’t score a TD and then immediately concede one, rather easily at that mind you.
ItsTheDevils! | 22:25 EDT
Why not? The Giants have done it ALL YEAR.
Jonah_Falcon | 22:26 EDT
Giants That 30 yard pass to the nobody TE is what did it. You can't give up those kinds of plays and expect to stop them.
Danny Dimes | 22:26 EDT

4th Quarter
Giants As soon as he is hitting his back foot....pressure.
footballbizzybody1 | 22:30 EDT
Communards Cooper Rush isn't nearly as bad as some people have made him out to be. Showed some nice ball placement already that the receivers just didn't bring in. Dude may end up carving this defense up.
jmauthe | 22:31 EDT
Giants If they can't sack this Rush schmuck they will not win this game. Cannot believe this guy is this accurate. And cover somebody!
ItsmeWeejer | 22:33 EDT
Giants The horrendous take that “the refs are in Jerruh’s pocket” needs to keel over and die. It’s nonsense.
ItsTheDevils! | 22:35 EDT
Refs are too incompetent league wide to be successful being in anyone's pocket.
Tea With Miss McGill | 22:35 EDT
Correct take.
ItsTheDevils! | 22:37 EDT
Giants Dreadful punt.
Jonah_Falcon | 22:35 EDT
Giants Well, now it comes down to Cooper Rush or the Giants D, and not a good start.
Shrihan12 | 22:40 EDT
Giants Can't stop the run or rush the passer, but other than that we've been great. How have we held them to 13 points?
Danny Dimes | 22:41 EDT
Giants Why can't we sack their QB once in a while?
EasyRider28 | 22:43 EDT
I don’t think it’s legal.
Ughagain | 22:44 EDT
(8:34) C.Rush pass short left to C.Lamb for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 20 - NYG 13
Giants Wow, what a catch.
IronGiant18 | 22:47 EDT
Giants Great grab there.
BlueSwarm | 22:47 EDT
Giants Cooper Rush is officially outplaying Daniel Jones!!!
Edkamlive | 22:47 EDT
Giants Imagine having a single receiver as remotely as talented as that.
roar13 | 22:47 EDT
Giants Lotta Cowboys fans in there ... Crazy.
AL_Joe.NY | 22:49 EDT
(7:44) NY punts
Giants Water still wet. NYG still very bad.
Ernard | 22:49 EDT
Giants How are Cowboys running open down field? As a Giants fan I simply don’t understand how that works. Watching my team has led me to believe getting open is a once-a-game occurrence.
roar13 | 22:49 EDT
Giants Kellen Moore is calling a great game. Exploiting our D bad.
BigBlueDoosh | 22:50 EDT
Giants Jerry Jones acting like he just won the Super Bowl...
Do0msday | 22:51 EDT
Commandantes What stood out to me so far is how quickly the QB gets rid of the ball. Mostly less than 3 seconds. I am not saying Wentz is slow getting the ball out, but just saying.
Demj | 22:51 EDT
(6:02) B.Maher 44 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 23 - NYG 13
Giants 1st down run. I guess Jason Garrett is calling plays again.
Jonah_Falcon | 22:53 EDT
Giants Our receivers wouldn’t make most team’s practice squad.
Giant Ken | 22:54 EDT
Jets How is this clown show 2-0?
JoCaT33 | 22:54 EDT
Giants Is Thibodeaux playing? Because I haven't seen him do anything. Not one thing.
Common-Tater | 22:55 EDT
(3:42) NY field goal is GOOD
DAL 23 - NYG 16
Giants That return probably seals it for the Cowboys.
BarfieldBestArmEver | 22:57 EDT
Giants "Let’s go Cowboys" chant.
IronGiant18 | 23:01 EDT
(1:52) DAL Punts
Giants Did it rain or something? Why is every Giant slipping on their own turf?
Butch55 | 23:04 EDT
Commandos Jones is mobile and still Dallas pressures and sacks. Doesn’t bode well for Wentz.
1052skins | 23:04 EDT
Wentz may spend more time on his back than a $5 hooker.
jmauthe | 23:04 EDT
Giants Their DL ate Wheaties, our OL ate Twinkies before the game ..... it shows.
Butch55 | 23:07 EDT
Seahawks The Giants O-Line looks like a bunch of my clones trying to block.
Sporkhead | 23:07 EDT
Giants Jones pressured 21 times. Cooper Rush - has he been touched all game?
Gintdiehard | 23:09 EDT
Giants I got an idea for a drinking game: For the rest of the season, every time the Giants have the ball, when a commentator says the word "pressure", we take a drink.
BigBlueSpew | 23:09 EDT
We’ll all be dead.
MrBenks | 23:09 EDT
Ow my liver.
gremmie0 | 23:09 EDT
You trying to kill us with alcohol poisoning?
Tea With Miss McGill | 23:09 EDT
Giants A defensive stop? Is that possible??
Doctor Al | 23:10 EDT
Giants Kick it deep and hope the defense can make ONE stop here.
sexyscottish | 23:11 EDT
Giants Dallas' "bad" runs are still good.
sexyscottish | 23:13 EDT
Giants Alright. We're going to get a stop. Score. Go for 2. Win .... .... And then I will wake up from my dream and realize we lost.
Brady's Bane | 23:16 EDT
Giants Jones has the ball in his hands with a chance to win. Let’s see what he can do.
IronGiant18 | 23:19 EDT
Giants Show us what you got, Danny.
MrBenks | 23:20 EDT
Giants Why the heck is it so loud when we're on offense?
Dr_Chocolate | 23:20 EDT
(1:17) D.Jones pass INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs
Giants Ball game.
Gmen_Fan_Forever | 23:22 EDT
Giants Of course, an interception to end the game.
IronGiant18 | 23:22 EDT
(1:11) C.Rush kneels to NYG 30 for -1 yard
Giants Game ends when a WR trips on his own feet. Awesome.
Jonah_Falcon | 23:23 EDT
Eagles Out with a whimper.
HakunaMailata | 23:23 EDT
Eagles I bet Jones learned that post interception look of stupidity straight from the hands of the master of Manningface
Revenge of Weapon X | 23:23 EDT
(:39) C.Rush kneels to NYG 31 for -1 yards.
Giants Dallas left the door open but of course the Giants farted it away.
BigBlueSpew | 23:24 EDT
Giants Cooper Rush doesn't even need to wash his jersey.
shakestein | 23:35 EDT

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